A Nightmare

This gonna be my very 1st entry and I already talked about something upleasant – nightmare.

After taking my shower & finished my maghrib prayer I went to bed for a 3 to 4 hours sleep, I expected. But it ended up to be almost 7 hours of sleep. And the nightmare was the thing awakened me, actually.

I was in my old kitchen. Since my kitchen got renovated about 2 years ago, I knew that this kitchen is no longer exists, but everytime I dreamt about my house in homeland, it’s always the same, OLD kitchen and I don’t know why. Maybe because I spent my whole childhood and grown up in that kitchen for ages?

I wasn’t alone. At first, there were my dad, my mom & me. Dad & Mom looked very young and me too – as it was set in 10 years ago. I can see all the things are EXACTLY the same like I actually have in my OLD kitchen – the color of the mat covered it, the way my dining table and chairs surrounding it arranged, EVERYTHING.  And I knew one of my relative is lying somewhere in the kitchen, sick. The face was hardly recognized – but I took it as someone I knew in my relatives – my late grandma (my late grandpa’s sister).

And later, I was on my bike rushing toward the hospital. I was on very big road, congested city streets. But I managed to be safe on the road. I am not quite sure why I am alone on my way to the hospital. And the road there is unfamiliar to me.

I pedalled very fast, yes I am in the real too as usual. So in seconds, I can see I’m entering a place – not really looked like a hospital from afar, when I recalled it now, but somehow in my dream I believed I’m entering the hospital area, but from the wrong entrance.

Soon, I wasn’t on my bike any longer. I realized I’m walking. I felt nervous as I doubted myself being in wrong place. And the more I kept walking, the more my way getting narrowed. I stopped at one place, before the staircase.

I can see two women working on white-clothes, one for each, one on each side. The clothes are hanging on hanger or something I didn’t see it clearly. And they ignored me. I was still standing there, hesitate to move forward for a very short moment actually but it’s enough for me to realize that the white clothes are actually to be wore by dead persons. And they weren’t really white now. Yellowish, like an old, worn white pajamas.

And then a man descended the stairs slowly. He was all covered with white clothes – like he’s BANDAGED in piling gauze. He’s walking towards my way with his eyes shut – dead, but walking. I pulled myself a little aside, to give a way. O my goodness! How can I still be standing there?

And a while later, another one appeared from his back – exactly the same, bandaged all over his body and head, except his face. But his eyes opened. and I knew those eyes weren’t seeing anything. Where are they going? I asked to myself, I’m still here, surrounded by dead persons!

The two women working on the white clothes were gone, I don’t know since when. When I turned to my back, I realized there were a few men lying on the floor – dead & bandaged. I wonder why they’re ALL MEN.

And I was about to leave as I felt something wrong with the third man. The last man appeared from the stairs. He’s bandaged all over his body, even his face. Just a very little, that is around his eyes was left unbandaged. And he seemed to sense me there. Turning to face me as his eyes can see me, and his hand trying to reach mine. I said no! But he followed me. I tried to runaway, but my legs dragged me slowly.

Then he caught my hand. Ughhh… I was so panic. I struggled to release myself. His nails scratched my back palm, I can feel it! And when I pulled my hand too strong, I was safe, and his hand was like cut away – I knew he’s dead though.

And my nightmare ends there. I don’t know how you guys interpreted this, but I was terribly frightened by this. When I first opened my eyes, knowing it was only dream but I felt it wasn’t a dream. I know I’m still alive and breathing, but I kept asking “Am I still alive?”

This is my 1st nightmare of 2009. I’m still frightened, scared. Like all my strength snatched away with the dead bodies in the dream!

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5 thoughts on “A Nightmare

  1. harmony pls dun be scared….

    everytings gonna be alrite…

    im so sowee… i dunno how to comfort u…

    i jaz wish u gonna hev a peace of mind a lil later…no really soon!!!! i mean rite now!!!!!

    love yah!!!

    hugs & kisses!!!^^

  2. Light says:

    omo!my halmoni got nitemare?
    i didnt reach u in Ym yesterday and didnt know until today..
    i’m sorry..
    dont worry..
    like ppl said, dream’s just sleep’s game..rite?
    no worries^^

  3. evearlmine says:

    to both my sweetie & teah gdotterz,

    thanks a lot *hugs & kisses*
    thanks to sweetie that accompanying me on that nite 🙂
    i may took longer time to “recover” from the shock caused by the nitemare if u weren’t there! 😦

    and to my teah,
    it’s ok dear ^^
    i’m already fine 🙂
    sorry for making u guys worried m(_ _)m

  4. no worries harmony^^
    its da least dat i can do 4 u^^ *blushes like a sweet angel* ~gahhhh y is da word angel makes me laff huh??!!~
    may be its r “vampire connection” dat called me in YM dat nite!^^ hihihihi
    love yah!!!^^ mwuahzzzzzz!!^^

  5. belonbiru says:

    that’s is really scared..
    have one nightmare..
    I think my nightmare is ‘KIAMAT”

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