Felt like time passed away too fast.

I just realized it’s exactly a year I found myself in what we call FANGIRLing world.


Some of my Malaysian Cassiopeia fellow friends might have heard about my FANDOM FATIGUE since months ago, I believed.

While some others have no idea what I’m talking about right now.

Let me get straight to the point.

I am now officially RESIGNED from being a fangirl of 東方神起/동방신기/TOHOSHINKI/Dong Bang Shin Ki/Tong Vfang Xien Qi (TVXQ).

No offense to all their fans WORLDwide.

I am just being weary to stay as their FANGIRL, perhaps.

To those who didn’t get the idea why I have to make this announcement, here is the best reason I can explain.

Because they’re the largest thing in my daily lives – where my major commitment of the past 365 days were given.

Sounds silly yet so absurd but yes it was.

It WAS. That means it is NOT. NO MORE. NO LONGER.

The news might be the most disappointing one to know for some.

But I’m sorry I can’t take it back.

Sorry to my Sweetie (Evil Gdottie), Teah Gdottie & Pheb Dear.

I know you guys still hoping.

But seems it is too impossible for me now.

Don’t worry. I am not leaving MC yet.

You guys my best friends. And MC was the lane that lead me to meet you all.

To my Ec Dearie & Aniz Twinnie ; you two like my SISTERS – we’re bound more than siblings along these year.

To my Chingoo ; you’re the very 1st I knew and leader to this fangirling.

We’ll be CHINGOO forever… no need to rely on DBSK to stay connected, aren’t we?

That’s all I need to say I guess.


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6 thoughts on “Resigned

  1. arieszai says:

    official announcement ne? huhuhuhu…
    ev.. you kwow where to find me ^^
    we can share gmothers & gdotters story forever~
    fighto oh~

  2. haniz says:

    but don’t stop being a translator for MC ne. and don’t stop being my japanese stuff supplier ne. hehe~ being a fangirl consumes a lot of daily time. i know.

  3. edwards grandottie says:

    i understood and still support u whatever ur decision is..^^ *hugs*
    though i was quite disappointed, but i didn’t blame u though. coz the fatigue of being their fan is and still lingered around me. i guess so. the feeling is not same like i used have too.

  4. Phebs says:

    Huhu~ Although it was disappointing but I knew it was coming already. We would still be good friends that can share everything daily. I feel like I am coming to your stage soon anyway. They say when you study ACCA in advanced diploma you won’t have a social life for the whole 2 years so my fangirling… hopefully… just reduce and not completely gone. But it is still a little soon to say this actually. TVXQ was the one that got us together but that doesn’t mean it would be the reason we won’t be as close as we are now right? *hugs and kisses*

  5. oho… y is dat…ANGEL GDOTTIE (hu??? lolx) is feeling da same ting now…hah hahahaha

    i tink im like an expired fangirl rite now… (how funny…i jaz saved a blog draft–not yet ready to publish hahaha) & for reasons i dunno i decided to blog stalk harmony’s WP…& funny how come tis is da ist time im gonna be reading tis..wen its like published jan10??!!! oh boy…is it grandpa leads me here???!!!

    y is dat wen i feel sumting…its like 80% dat umma or harmony or sepupu shares da same wif me??? hahaha

    no worries harmony… resigned or not…. u gonna olwayz b my harmony!^^

    disappointed…i dunno but not really…coz may be sumhow… ders inside of me… feeling da same ting… hahahaaha…

    but honestly… bcoz jj’s bday is coming up… im trying really sooo hard to get back my old fangirl form…i really want to hev a nice awesome bday thread for him like i did last yr…but for some reason…da longing da excitement it turned into like its jaz sumting i gotta do & be done wif…

    how funny… jaz like bet oct- early dec …im sooo waiting for jj’s bday…how tings change in jaz a month huh??

    omo…so sowee harmony…y did i end up…writing 2 much!!! hahahaha
    & sowee to u & aunty awileback my YM jaz went crazy..jaz hang up..& i cant post mssges..i tried it agen wen i woke up…but u guys r oledi off…so sowee… hisssssssssss!!! hahahaha

    man…dat ulag (ular) sawa is still wif me! *coilsback* hahaha

    harmony its really okie… i guess u jaz evolved into a new level of fangirlism… da 1 dat appreciate deyr music more dan anyting else… no longer affected by anyting dat comes out in between during after or watever dbsk is doing…hahaha aishhhh y cant i express my tots properly… y cant i explain well wats on my mind…but i guess harmony gets it…watever is it in my mind & in my heart^^

    so sowee for my silly craps…hahaha

    & lastly…im really ur ANGEL GDOTTIE!!! hahaha…. really im HARMONY & HARABUJI’s ANGEL!!!! hahahaha

  6. zaizai27 says:

    it’s kinda disappointing to read this, coz we know each other bcoz of them. but like u said.. that not our “chingoo”ness will be end too.. i respect ur decision.. we still have too many things we can share n discuss rite.. sowee for not always there for u.. but i can say proudly, u r my truely chinggu, some one that i can lean on..

    chinggu fighting!!!

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