Final Exam’s Schedule

This is the latest update until today, January 14th 2009. Other two papers’ examination date is still UNKNOWN. Hope that they won’t pile them up on one day! That’s MORE than HORRIBLE.

Jan 21st : Physical Chemistry of Electronic Materials (電子材料化学) & Basic Chemical Process Engineering (基礎プロセス工学)

Jan 22nd : Electrochemistry (電気化学)

Jan 27th : Organic Chemistry IV (有機化学IV)

Feb 5th : Inorganic Chemistry (無機化学)

Feb 6th : High Polymer I (高分子化学I)

Feb 9th : Chemical Process Engineering (化学プロセス工学)

That’s all 7 papers for now. Others left are Basic Analytical Chemistry (基礎分析化学) & Biochemical Engineering (生物化学工学) *phew*

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5 thoughts on “Final Exam’s Schedule

  1. arieszai says:

    omo!!!~ halmoni’s exam sched!!~~ do i have to put reminder too??? so i will not disturb halmoni revising her studies ^^


  2. Phebs says:

    Wow! I never touched chemistry and just seeing the title made my head-spinning and know why I didn’t take it. 😛

    Me too have to work hard on my finals of final. Let’s do our best on our exams!! 😉

    Phebs Hwaiting!! RUBI HWAITING!!! 😀

  3. *ANGEL GDOTTIE in darkness eyes* i read da titles like 99x & i cant understand anyting!!! my eyes decided to go spinning….brain cells not responding…. chemical here over der & everwer!!! lets get chemical!!! *tongues*
    harmony will see hear speak chemistry in da coming days eh???? HAPPY CHEM.-ing harmony!!!^^

    May the Heavens (God) bless u wif good health. grant u peace of mind. give u strength. ^^
    HWAITING harmony!!!

    P.S pls do take care of ur health okie??
    & pls EAT WELL^^ or shud i say BITE WELL now???!!! ahahaha
    & yeah keep urself warm okie??^^ ….while grandpa keep himself cool!!! wakakaka

  4. zaizai27 says:

    chingguuuuuu..ganbatte kudasai!!! fighting!

    but dont forget to eat n sleep..

  5. Saliza Unnie says:

    Rubi gud luck ok for all ur papers. do your best.

    i’ll always pray for you here.

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