On the precipice…

O my goodness! Guess what? I have 3 papers in row next week. And 2 of them I just happened to know today! GREAT! I feel like I’m mocking with the news to myself now!

They are Electrochemistry, which the final exam is scheduled since end of 2008. So blame me if I tell you I’m not ready yet! But the other two : Physical Chemistry of Electronic Materials & Basic of Chemical Process exams were just announced today and they are EXACTLY on the same day, one after another!

GREAT! GREATEST ever. I felt my jaw dropped to the lowest and never return to its normal place ever since now. Whatta twinge! I spent several minutes stood still in front of the notice board to analyse the fact, with the exertion … losing my grip like being thrown into bottomless abyss off the ground, suffocated in the smokeless dry air!

Well. Seems like everyone’s rushing towards the end of the semester. And I hardly believe it’s just a month before I enter my final year, the year that promised me greater grieves & pains – both physically and mentally. I guess I’d never be well-prepared no matter how much times given – a year, a decade, even a century maybe?

Get it crystal clear EV! You’re the one to change everything! You’re the reason why you’re here! You demanded it in the past 5 years with the tiniest hope and now you have to prove it!

Yoshhh! Wish me a never-lose-energy (strength) to maintain this “driving force”(wish/hope) on…. I can’t rely on “luck” alone. Luck won’t come to lazy bump like me! I need to work out myself! And you can wish me luck when I told you I’m done with my work-outs!

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3 thoughts on “On the precipice…

  1. woheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! im first to comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    grandpa give me kiss!!! ahahahaha

    PAPERssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the sweetest word ever invented!!! hahahaha ~sarcasm is intended!~ hahahaha

    oh em gee (OMG, u guys! ) wat r dos subjects…..its mindblowing!!!! i cudnt make up anyting of it…. jaz da subject titles itself is enuff to murder my silly brain!!! hahahaha
    its actually brain freezing to da extreme!!!!

    but anyhows…harmony will b able to take any PAPER dat comes on her way!!!

    the best for harmony!!!

    cheering for harmony!!!
    give me an E-D-W-A-R-D! lets go EDWARD!!! omo wrong cheer!!! hahahaha

    harmony…u can do it!!! we believe in you!!! u will olwayz make ur mom & dad proud!!!^^

    hwaiting harmony!^^

  2. arieszai says:

    hohohoho!!~ TOO MUCH TRIPLE huh??
    & yeah… juz like what lala said juz now… my brain gonna crack juz by reading its title… what “Physical Chemistry of Electronic Materials” ?? Phy chem seems so tough to learn.. and adding Electro Materials makes it tougher!!~

    Hwaiting ev grandma.. ed grandpa & ec gdottie always there for you… ed with his lullaby when u r tired… and ec with her gdottie story when you wanna sleep 🙂

  3. edward's grandottie says:

    although i’m late but at least i came here rite?
    the papers are in row? i shud join k.ec n lala..
    just reading the tittle is ady gave me head cracking!
    chem is the subject after bio that i dont want to learn it~

    just do ur best coz i believe u can do it^^;)

    besides, is it my new harabuji is wayyyyyyyyyy too good in physics and chemist?so halmoni will do great too!

    good luck and do ur best^^

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