Special Diet…

What’s up with me this time? 😛

I never go on diet after 7 years.

That means I did once when I thought I over-weight – when I was 14. I looked a bit chubby and I suffered easy-to-tired symptom once. So it simply made me think my weight was all the reason.

Well. Need not to recite the exact number maybe, just I got it more than my current weight. Can you imagine that?

I went on diet for several months, without jogging around park every morn on weekends, neither not going to gym just to pay its high fees.

What did I do was decrease the amount of carbohydrate I usually took everyday.

I never neglect my main source of energy (rice, noodles, breads etc.), while I took more minerals – vegetables & fruits. And the most important thing is, the regular time I took my meals. I lost 10 kgs in 6~7 months, anyway.

I can’t adjust my lunch time – I was too busy with school while most of my lunch-time-to-be was spent in extra classes & tuitions, or at least I’m still on the road heading home.

But I make sure my dinner is between 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm EVERYDAY.

I guess you guys heard this : The later you eat (dinner) the more possibility you have to get over-weight.

No just over-weight, but the more important and need to be concerned is, the risk for you to get diabetes related health problem getting HIGHER too.

And this quote is no longer a quote after it’s proven by scientific experiments. So it’s a fact.

How far this fact is true?

It is BMAL1 who makes you fat when you take meals late at night. It’s proven that those who takes meal (dinner) after 7 pm will have this BMAL1 in their body cells.

So that, we are suggested to take our dinner at 6 pm and finish it at 7 pm. That’s the BEST period they claimed.

So guys! Do you practising the fact in your life? 🙂

Oh c’mmon! I’m neglecting this too actually – along these 3 years living abroad.

That’s why I never got my weight went down huh? No matter how little I ate, or not even taking my meals properly, I never lose my weight!

It’s because I took my meals almost after 7 pm everyday!

And I found myself hard to be awaken in mornings because of this habit too!

Yoshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Need to change my eating habit!

From today! 😉

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3 thoughts on “Special Diet…

  1. arieszai says:

    6-7 huh??? but later at night when i am staying up, i will eat something while surfing… T.T
    gotta get rid of that BAD HABIT ne???

    ev hwaiting!!~

    p/s :: nenek nak diet apa lg.. bukan ka dah kuruih pn? *belek2 bdn nenek*

  2. evearlmine says:

    no just bout the weight Ec dearie..
    i’m afraid of my calory & cholestrol too, actually.
    so this article gonna be the best reminder to me, i guess?
    best reminder to us, generally 🙂

  3. edward's grandottie says:

    i usually take my dinner at 7.30..
    but i USUALLY skipped it..as i didn’t need it though.
    just when u mentioned about this diet, i’ve been thinking,
    i gain lot weight when i went back to sabah..and now i have to go on diet..for second time in my life~

    with this info, i think i know what should i eat and not more~^^;;

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