O my goodness! What am I doin’? Well. As you see all my works are “crowded” & “congested” with a lot of stuffs, they screen out my brain contents I guess.

1st Work for today 😛

Galaxy Floral

Galaxy Floral

 And the second, … (I hope the last for today!!)

The Ivy

The Ivy

Ok… that’s all for today! I swear am gonna cry a river IF I ever did this again!!!

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6 thoughts on “GIMP-ing….AGAIN???

  1. hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu ..i miss my harmony oledi!!!!!!!!!!!! wahhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhhh *checks my heart if its still 1 whole piece* wakakaka

    harmony hwaiting!!!!!!!!! keep on ur gimps!!! get gimp up!!! gimp up ur proffy!!! gimp us!!! hahahahaha dang!!! y do i sound like sumting of a promo ad!!! hahahha gimp for u, by harmony!!! woot wootz!!!! im really harmony’s silliest ANGEL gdottie!!!!!!!!!!! hihihihihihi
    wanna get gimped??!!! hahahahha i stop b-4 harmony sends me to great great great (1Mx) grandpa Carlisle’s hospy to get my silly head check!!! ROFL!

  2. & kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! wat vampy connect we got eh!!!!!!!!!!! *super excite* we got same colour scheme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even thou diff. themes wat colours same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hihihihi
    BLOODY WICKED!!! *brit accent here* hahahaha

  3. *but
    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa now i spam to harmony’s bloggie after aunty!!!!!!!!!!! hihihihihi *giggles like an ANGEL!*

  4. evearlmine says:

    oh my goodnessssssssssssssssssssss!
    look who’s here!
    missin’ ya too sweetie!
    hope my GIMPs swept away some away of your longs 😉

  5. haniz says:

    kyaaaaaa~ cun seyh the Ivy tu. keep it up twinnie! ^^

  6. evearlmine says:


    Thanks! I thought it gonna be worse than the 1st one (Galaxy Floral) but somehow yeah..not bad I guess? 😛 The Ivy originally created on RUBY theme. Though it appeared almost pink 😉

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