Grandmother’s Story 1

Hey! Not much to share with you today. But this happened.

First. Heavy snowfall, since last night. All those choc mud snow is now pure white again.

Yeah, I know it’s beautiful. But thinking of how tough it’ll be today, all the beauty gone from my sight. Coldness, winds, slippery roads etc.

And the GREATEST was, it’s Organic Chemistry on the first period – 8.45 am. I managed to be in school at 8.35 am – among the earliest in the MC 030 lecture hall. There’s just few boys at the back seats when I entered in. Yeah, I’m the first girl today.

And our sensei came in at 8.48 am – 3 minutes late. Almost all sensei do this during winter, so they need not to register your attendance as “LATE”. 3 times LATE considered 1 absence, I’m sure you guys heard this system before. Well am sorry if you haven’t!

I gave my full attention to first 30 minutes. And later, no matter how hard I tried to stifle my yawns, they keep coming. And then I knew I wasn’t in this class anymore.

I heard him (sensei). But the lack of sleep lately forced my eyes to shut. Though my mind still working. And then, my full conscious back when he talked on our final exam, that’s next week, the same day, same place, same time.

One girl asked him if we need to bring our calculator. Or in other words, she’s asking if he would let out a complicated calculation type questions. 

And then the ANNOYED  sensei answered that “I don’t think there’ll be question(s) needed calculator. Honestly, I won’t make such question”

Oh my! What’s wrong with him? I realized he’s being paranoid since one boy asked what he wrote on the blackboard months ago. You know this boy might asked because he didn’t understand the chemical structure and wanted this sensei’s explanation, but this sensei seemed to misunderstood the boy complaining his scribble!

And then, another one asked. A boy this time. He asked if we need to remember all 20 amino acid structures for this final exam.

You know what the teacher answered? “Didn’t you guys already remembered them all in Biochem?? I don’t think I will make question(s) that need you to remember them all. But if I do, maybe just one, with the structure of it provided. You know I’ll lose my interest (to mark your paper) if I didn’t and see you can’t make it (just because of the structure). So…”

And he didn’t stop there.

“Even if not for exam, why don’t you guys take it as the knowledge for your life? You’re not gonna lose anything to remember just the 20 amino acids structure. And I believe this small knowledge is valuable when you enter working life. If you just wanna rely on what you’ve been taught, you already lose before the fight! And if you wanted it to be easy come and join me teaching! (be a lecturer/sensei)”

I was 😮 for seconds. Alarmed by his words, all my sleepiness and weariness swept away in a blink. 

I knew he’s talking about all the truth, but in this middle of examination period, with the high pressured minds of us, I think he should consider his words.

Well. I took it positively. That’s why I never asked him. I took his lecture TWO times for two years yet I never ask him any single question.

Blame me if I failed his paper AGAIN this time. But I’m rather hurt by myself, rather than hurt by others. I knew he didn’t mean to, but it does to me.

Sorry sensei for holding this “grudge” over you.

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6 thoughts on “Grandmother’s Story 1

  1. arieszai says:

    omo!!~ grandma story.. i didnt have to wait until sleeping time to hear tis today!!~

    omo!!~ exam!!!~ sensei.. alwyas like that.. they said… no.. you no need ur calculator for exam tomorrow, but suddenly, you realize tomorrow… you regret that you didnt bring along ur calculator juz because HE TOLD YOU NOT TO BRING the calculator yesterday!!~ yah!!!!~~ i feel like screaming that time… yes.. quite simple calculation, if you done that calculation using ur calculator, you’ll save 10mis minimum that time >_<

    i dont know how sensei in japan r, but during my time, my prof ALWAYS FORGOTTEN what kind of question they made up for exams… huuu~~~

    & yeah!!~ always like that… "the why dont you remembered all structure for your own knowledge thing" huuuu~~~~
    yeah, we juz asking him to find if there’s any clue for exam tomorrow, i mean something near that question or sub topic… he’ll juz answered like that.. huuu~~~ NOT HELPING AT ALL ne???

    ev hwaiting!!!~~ juz bring grandpa & put him in ur pocket.. ask him to read other ppl’s answer!!~ hahahaha!!!~ if only we can do that T.T


  2. edward'sgrandottie says:

    the sensei seems a bit hurt by the boy’s words i think?
    what am i thinking?sorry for my blunt-ness halmoni~>_<

    i think sensei is true, that what is we just remember the structure since we will not lose anything.

    as a student, to remember 20 amino acid structure will blown away our life..~
    just keep the faith in your self halmoni^^
    when u think the thing is hard, then it will be harder. just think the thing is simple than it will we simpler~

    ganbare halmoni!~

  3. oho??!!! is sensei heving monthly period or sumting??!!! ROFL
    so sowee harmony i knoe wat u feel is a serious emotin & here i am fooling around!!!! *hides 2 grandpa’s back*
    may be the snow i mean da coldness got into him eh…or prolly sumting’s up wif him?? heartbroken??!!!

    but anywies…harmony dun b discouraged…prolly sensei jaz hev a different way of motivate his students —> harsh words… ):

    but watever..harmony u can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! praying 4 ur success^^

  4. evearlmine says:

    ☆Ec dearie☆

    I guess he misunderstood that the girl foolin’ him coz it’s organic chemistry. Almost no calculation at all. But yeah, she wanted to make sure if she should prepare and nah that’s the answer she got!

    And bout the “knowledge for life” thinggy.. I can accept it, but the way he expressed “if you want things ALWAYS be easy, come n join me be a teacher” wow! that’s sharper than a knife. Coz he literally meant, we students always want things to be easy and not considering how they, the TEACHERS are!

    Well, I don’t need ur harabuji to read people’s mind. Just that sensei’s mind s more than enough! 😛

    ☆Teah Gdottie☆

    Yeah, thanks! I should’ve have faith in myself. Sth that I lose for quite a years. And I shouldn’t let those silly things interfered my fragile mind! 🙂 *hugs & kisses*


    I took it the same too. He just wanted us to be “burned” in flames of strength. His laser beam shot gonna be reflected to his face, I swear. No matter how many percent the reflective will be, but yeah at least i’ve to make it proven – I’m “burnt” 😛


    Thanks guys! You are still have all of me! 😉

  5. harmony ur ANGEL gdottie is back!!!

    if da monstrous sensei still gets into u…come over my WP to detox ur mind & body!!! lol & protect urself from harmful laser beam rays!!! puahahaha

    i jaz updated it….give urself a deserve leisure of laughter! come come come to my WP (master) i mean harmony! *gollum mode* ROFL!!!!!

    P.S jaz visit wen u got free time alrite?^^ coz umma tell me not to distract u much!!! *obedient aegi!* hahahaha

  6. i forgot…luv yah!!!!^^
    & yeah pls keep warm & eat safe & be healthy!!!^^

    STUDY as MUCH but pls do EASE ur mind from time 2 time…dun exhaust it much alrite??^^

    fighting harmony!!!! the best 4 u!!!!^^

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