Small Pond…

Another dull work from me…GIMPing again. Just to rest my exhausted mind… a lil’

Small Pond

Small Pond

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5 thoughts on “Small Pond…

  1. aigooooooo is tis wat harmony call kindergartenish artwork?????????!!! *eyes popped out!*

    wat she gonna call mine’s???? a newborn baby’s mess art!!! ROFL!^^

    its actually pretty…& its pleasing to da eyes… im drawn to da colours…its quite relaxing actually…da water i mean da pond…is made perfect wif dat crystal like reflection…. & da pink butterfly…makes it a serene place to be at…. ahahaha..woot wootz!!! is dat a rose? da one dat reflects off from da pond?? its fantastic…ders both abstraction & beauty dat goes wif it!!!^^
    ~an art critque wannabe here!~

    takes on da invisibility cloak b-4 harmony transform to tigress…or now vamp…& hunts me down!!! wakaka *tongue out*

  2. omo! this is sooooooooo beautiful artwork..i would never can do this kind of artwork.
    i like the combination of colors, so relaxing yet refreshing~
    and the water is like pure crystal and so beautiful.
    i would never can do like this..>_<

  3. aethia321 says:

    Somehow I just noticed that if the left side were to fill more plants to balance with the right, it might look better. Aish~ I dun even know what I am saying here.

    I LOVE the pond though, love how the water-drops like crystal. The water part is my most fav in this pic. And yeah, the combination of the colors do make you feel relax and refresh.

    Looks like someone been hiding all those talent in gimp-ing and finally burst out. :P. Hehe, looking forward to see more from you. 😀

  4. arieszai says:

    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!~ i really love this one!!~
    nice and lovely!!~~~

    nih dah lebih pandai drp tok guru nih~~~ hahahahaha… nanti rajen2 pi la buat siggy rez nu??? *gesel2*

    now i know.. my halmoni was soooo in to GIMP’ing lately.. well maybe bcause ur NOTTIEST GDOTTER not there to inturrupt you huh??? ^o^


  5. evearlmine says:

    thanks for commenting! 🙂
    wow you really sounds like an art critique! *bows*
    i don’t know anything when i’m making it…
    just playing with Splash brush that’s it, and then the idea popped out that i’m gonna make a pond with some wild plants surrounding it.
    great that it turned out nice to you dear! 😉

    ☆Teah Granddottie☆
    like i said to your sepupu, that’s just random idea that came out just at the right time 😉
    glad you like it too 🙂

    ☆Pheb Dearie☆
    o my!
    feel so honored got commented by our pheb, the PS master *bows*
    i bet i made some contradiction of colors for the plants on the right.
    and i chose a little obvious color (dark green) too, while the plants size were already big, make it looked more “conquering”.
    was it that what you meant pheb master? *winks*
    thanks for that!
    i’ll make it better next time 😉

    Ec! finally you commented my work! *like you never did before?*
    haha… elementary kids’ level work actually right?
    there’s still a room for me to improve *sounds like i wanna be a SERIUS graphic designer!* 😮
    well, i’ll give a try later to make our Triple E siggy too, maybe?
    of course with REZ siggy… 😉

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