Ancient Rose

There’s too much technics & brushes I haven’t messing with. So today, after woke up quite late than past couple of days ago, I’m on GIMP again! Gahhhh… new addiction to me!

Ancient Roses

Ancient Roses

“Ancient Roses” was inspired by Hakama (long pleated culotte-like Japanese Trousers, usually wore on College Graduation Day etc.) designs. I received the magazine last year which actually sent to those who’re supposed to graduate by this March, and it’s for rentalling these Hakamas.

I tried to make it fervently ancient with just flowers & leaves but failed to foil myself from using my fave brush – Sparkle 😛 So every single piece of my works (except the 1st one you seen on the previous post) has this brush made work.

Well… I think I must stop here. Gotta go~ Organic Chemistry awaits me! 😮

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3 thoughts on “Ancient Rose

  1. aethia321 says:

    Hmm… I think It would look better if the background color was red -dark or bloody or any kind. Just my own opinion. Pinky seems a little too sweet. Doesn’t really sing ancient to me with that color.

    *what am I blabbering here again? Make myself sound like some pro art critic while I can’t even do anything close as nice as that. Aish~*

    Anyhow, but I LOVE the flower brush. So cool! I wonder if I can find that for my PS as well. Would love to use it. Hehe..

    Great job rubi! Nice that you got a theme for every design you do. Setting a theme has always been a major prob for me. :P. Hwaiting for your exam rubi!!

  2. arieszai says:

    kyaaaa!!~ flower mode on saturday huh??
    again… on da day ur nottiest gdotter away rite?

    sparkle!!~~ love that brush… gonna req that brush l8ter ^^

  3. evearlmine says:

    ☆Pheb Dearie☆
    *blushed* thanks pheb master!
    i was planning to make the flower in dark color, so i picked up a bit brighter for the background.
    but it’d come out unseen and dull if i do so.
    and by the time i realized the BG should be dark, it’s already too late because me too amazed by the brush! 😀
    so just let it be the way it was been.

    sure, you should find one.
    i’ll bet it’ll be lots nicer & greater than this.
    give that Angel touch to your work pheb! 😉

    Sparkle brush?
    there’s about 10 brushes for Sparkle in mine.
    request me anytime you like 😉
    *granddotter’s SPECIAL service* 😛

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