Get filtered today! :P



This is the original picture I found while wandering on Rob Pattinson Board (IMDB). I can’t remember which linked I clicked and thus brought me there. Credits to the original creator of this lovely piece. It’s simple yet so lovely 🙂

And I just messed it up to this…

Ed-Bells with some quotes

Ed-Bells with some quotes

Please accept my apologies, dear original owner of this piece. I know my work is rubbish. I’m just playing around with Filter, actually. What do you guys think? *creased forehead & dropped jaw*

Edward & Bella

Edward & Bella

And the last one I played with Script. They’re all the same but made with different techniques… ok..enough playing with GIMP! 😛 Gotta go~~~~~

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4 thoughts on “Get filtered today! :P

  1. arieszai says:

    ed-bell mode huh???

    hohohoho~ my grandma already obsessed with GIMP huh???
    nice idea… gonna try that one l8ter… kalau rajin la kn?? 😛

  2. evearlmine says:

    yeah, OBSESSED with both the never-ending-Twilight-mania & the endless-addiction of GIMP! 😛

    you should try! i know you can make it way better than mine *of course coz you the one introduced me to GIMP world* you’re my SIFU/SENSEI/MASTER, remember that ok? 😉

  3. arieszai says:

    isk… takmo la…. hahahahaha…
    musim GIMP ec dah berlalu… lani masa ev lak menggila GIMP…

  4. light93 says:

    i like the last one i suppose to say that?
    i like the picture ady and additional with the text, i like more!~~~~~~~~

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