Moping again…

yeah i just finished my 4th paper for final exam today. and as soon as i’m home i thought of giving myself time to relax my mind a bit before i continue the revisions for the next.

and what else to do rather than to get back to GIMP – brand new addiction! 😛 me & Ec did learn how to change banckground together but i gave up halfway because it went too complicated for me. and instead, i created the usual ones i’ve used to.

Serene Sea at Twilight

Serene Sea at Twilight

it’s just a TOO simple with just few brushes & gradients. but i hate the way i made the Sun looks like… sorry for can’t make it better for now! 😦

and here another too-empty made.

Sun & Sea

Sun & Sea

that’s all for today! 😉 will be right back! 😛

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2 thoughts on “Moping again…

  1. arieszai says:

    ev in twilight mode again huh??? 😛

    kyaaaaaaaaa!!~ i really love ur 1st work!!~~ *love333*

    the second one… sun and sea!!~ halmoni wish to see the sea huh??? lets go tomorrow!!~ ec, ev and ed!!~ lets go to the sea!!!~ *jumping*

  2. teah says:

    to be honest, i like the second one most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the sun just caught my eyes~^^
    *squeal happily*

    eh…nak ikut gak!

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