Sacrifice what you have had to have something new…

Twilight Seashore

Twilight Seashore


I was on the graph figuring Ionization Energy and later on the Electron Affinity. And this was what I learned before I sit my final examination before I graduated from junior high school :-

An element undergo the heat-receiving reaction to ionize, that is to lose an electron from itself thus becomes an ion.

And an element undergo the heat-releasing reaction to receive an electron to become an ion.

What’s the similarity of these two? Can you figure it out guys? I don’t know if you look at the same point I looked, but here’s what I digested from them. Instead of seeing the fact applied on just the chemical elements in Periodic Table, I expand it to humans, us in living in this world.

We can’t get 2 things at the same time, hardly to see it happens. And it’s always goes with losing what you already possessed, to have something else. We didn’t say we’re “losing” because we receive something in replace. But doesn’t it just the same with those elements? We sacrificed something for something else. That’s the point.

And those elements are not “losing” on purpose. Elements from 1st group (Lithium, Sodium(Natrium), Kalium, Rubidium, Caesium, Francium) for instant, tend to lose their valence electron to become more stable. And halogens (Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine, Astatine) tend to receive an electron to become more stable.

Well. If you thought what you learned in class with slides or projector, or maybe chalk and blackboards, or maybe marker pen on the white boards are separate things from your life, rethink it now. I don’t see them apart, all these while… I just pretended them to, or might have forgotten.

What do you think?

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8 thoughts on “Sacrifice what you have had to have something new…

  1. arieszai says:

    omo!!~ i felt like in physics nuclear class rite now!!~ <<– class that i hate when it comes to exam

    & yeah… elements with electron valence 1 tend to give… halogen group tend to receive rite?

    give and take… we as humans cant run from this fact….
    what you give, you get back ^^

    but dont give if you expect something in return…

  2. arieszai says:

    hohoho~~ sempat berkarya nampaknya… echah br ja puji bi kt anez td.. “rajin nek study rini.. dari pg smpi mlm” hhahahhaha

    takpa… take 5 huh?


  3. evearlmine says:

    that’s right! totally right!
    in human relations it’s always give & take.
    and it’s in one’s life too.
    maybe you little blur reading this to relate to what i actually thinking beyond these atom-energy theory.
    what did across my mind was,

    i wanted to be a PERSON.
    i sacrificed everything (comfortness, customness, regularness, happiness) i have in my homeland just to be here, in the land of foreign.
    can’t i choose to just carry on with “what i have” and “get something new then”?

    what i have – parents, family, friends
    get sth new – knowledge, experience

    i’m not really losing, i get something in replace, totally a great one. perhaps good enough to meet my sacrifices. but still the above theory applied, dear 🙂

    that’s all.


    ahahaha… come to think of it, i haven’t do anything else for the whole day except facing all these atom, molecule & compounds. so i decided to take 5 a little before went to bed ^^

  4. teah says:

    teah bca byk2 kali part yg atas tuh xpham…bila mai part hat bwah skit bru teah pham..-_-”

    *awat speaking utara nie?*

    hahha…bru bak conclude, everything have give and take..stuju2…

    *msuk blog halmoni cm blog klas kat JP*

  5. olrite class in ur proper seats now! ahahaha sowee silly gdottie here^^

    wow! w-o-w!!!!
    chemistry for everyday life eh??!!^^
    i guess wen oders say…you give to recieve..applies here too den eh… u give up sumting & recieve in return eh??!!! to hev a greater purpose in life eh?? woot wootz!!!! dis is downright worth thinking!!! hahahaha

    gdottie…is left thinking!!! ahahaha^^
    wait…even da laws of gravity applies in life too…wat goes up,goes down…hahahaha ~gibberish talk~
    everyting comes & goes around!!! hahahaha ~wat on da universe am i talking??!!!~

    i think therefore i am!!! hahahaha ~rene descarte~ hahahaha translate: i tihink silly so i am silly!!!! puahahahaha

    …..leave harmony’s bloggy b-4 i say more rubbish…& damage her INSIGHTFUL BLOG ENTRY!^^

  6. evearlmine says:

    :: teah ::
    teah x blaja lg mende2 nih…
    coming up soon… u’re goinna learn this on the very 1st chapter of chemistry syllabus (i still remember my Chem teacher and how she opened up my mind to love chemistry)
    it’s junior high school syllabus dear, don’t worry i won’t write all the things i learned in my classes here 😛
    well, that’s the hidden thing i wanna resurface 😉

    :: sweetie ::
    u said nothing gibberish neither nonsense at all dear.
    they’re all true.
    well, my physics tuition teacher asked me this question.
    since it generated from gravity law : everything has its partner.
    up & down, hot & cold, good & bad….
    land & sky, moon & earth/star but…
    what’s the partner of sun?
    *blinking eyes*

  7. omo….is dat a science question or philosophy??????????? *scratching head*
    wat is the partner of the sun??? MOON?? ahahaha ohhh my…. sunrise-sunset …wen sunset ends…mite be der mite be a moon @ nite…but can be moonless too…& yeah…can hev different phases of moon as well…crescent…quarter…full moon??? ahahaha
    wen i tink of SUN…i always think of MOON as da opposite… i dunno y…prolly becuz.. SUN = day … MOON = nite time??? hahahaha btw i like it wen ders a moon & stars on da sky…perfect nite (@ da beach dat is!!! or werever u may be )hahahaha

    SUN is i associate wif HEAT as well…. MOON for some reason…ders dat “COLDNESS” to it…. but the partner???

    uhmmm isnt it dat the SUN is the CENTER of the universe??? & around it are the planets??? den i guess the partner of the SUN is the INFINITY of things around it?? prolly da ENDLESS CHANGE?? is it WHAT IS CONSTANT is CHANGE?? …. SUN hev witness loads of CHANGE in the galaxy…. or is it… over the sun is the RAINBOW?? puahahaha
    & yeah is it SUN hev both” CONSTRUCTIVE & DESTRUCTIVE” characteristics?? uhmm so its like SUN is both LIFE & DEATH or BEGINNING & END?? puahahaha

    so SUN is partner wif ENDLESS POSSIBILITY eh?? *covers face wif bamboo leaves…nope PANDA starts to HUG-CLIMB tree now…cover face wif twigs & leaves… PANDA help “bigbird” build a nest??? puahahaha*

    so sowee harmony my brain cant figure it out???

    soooo wat is partner of sun??? *being cute* ~harmony may let me pass & say wat is it??~ ahahaha^^

  8. evearlmine says:

    :: sweetie ::

    o my goodness!
    i’ve triggered my sweetie’s brain to generate such brilliant idea discussing on Sun’s partner huh? 😛

    well, let’s see if others interested to join this talk later. if they aren’t, let’s take yours as the answer 🙂

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