In A Blink… Review


Title: In A Blink
Author: Eve Earl
Reviewer: Anna @ambiguous abyss

Warning: The reviewer doesn’t have anything against the Author. This is only an honest review, so don’t be mad if there are any unpleasant comments.

Title: 10/10

At first, I was kind of intrigued. I simply love the title. In a blink, things can change

Forewords: 6/10

The introduction was short and vague. I suggest you to elaborate more of the story, but keep it hanging. So that the readers have the feeling of wanting more, and knowing more. But the starting was enough, I like it.

Poster & Background: 9/10

Very very unique. It’s a good idea that you decided not to put anything as the background. It didn’t kill the words neither disturb it. But I think Jaejoong in the picture look a bit like a girl since he’s packed with both beauties. But I love the words. “A happiest moment is followed by the saddest one…”
Take note that it is not “A happiest.” it is “The happiest”

Characters: 5/5

Really worked together; well done.

Creativity & Originality: 19/20

Equipped with those swirls of words, and the idea of the whole story. I must say I really love your story. The mixtures of emotions pulled me altogether.
The idea of painting really suits the mood. All the messages that appeared from the painting touched me deeply.
But the story is kind of lonely and quiet. Still, I understand that, taking it as how the whole story works.

Story plotting & Organization: 13.5/15

Every chapter was short. Nonetheless, I know you were trying to separate different events so that it wont be so mixed up. Yes, some were unspecified, might as well reduce that out.
Good job for this.

Language: 18/20
I don’t have any problem with this. Only some mistakes such as it’s and its. Check it up before posting it okay? You use of vocabulary is indeed very good.

Enjoyment: 8/10

I admit that this story is simple and quiet, but that’s what I like. You managed to bring it all up. For the first fan fiction, I know it’s never easy.
Congratulations girl!

Bonus: 5/5

A good start for a first fanfic. Hope to see more work from you. Don’t be discouraged by people’s remark. You can produce a very good piece of work. So don’t lose hope. Keep it up.

Total: 93.5%


Ok. For those who still don’t know what’s all about. “In A Blink…” is my FIRST FANFICTION. Really was because “J Dean” wasn’t really wrote as fan fiction but it’s a short story expected using fictional characters that later adapted into fan fiction.

I got the idea somehow while my mind off from studying on one night and since they’re very simple so I’ve decided to make it a one shot-fic. That’s why it turned to be a very short one.

And then, when I decided to make it a fan-fiction, it’s like a heavy burden been placed on my back. You know why? Even though it’s said a FAN FICTION, but using the known, existing characters wasn’t easy thing for me. Because I knew how the persons really are. But somehow I managed to finish the story with the review I attached above. There’s another review for this, but I decided not to up it here. 

So guys. If you interested, you may check this story. I know it’s not youth type story. Yet my stories are all melancholic ones. I can only write SAD STORIES. That’s me. Why do I have to change? Right? 😉

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2 thoughts on “In A Blink… Review

  1. light93 says:

    wow..the mark is so high!
    indeed i agreed to this review more than the one from kyn.^^

  2. evearlmine says:

    teah gdottie,
    i don’t really know if i deserve it…
    maybe Anna (the reviewer) is very open & optimistic person.
    she can read & feel the sad & gloomy stories like mine.
    while i find most of us can’t.
    maybe that’s the point 🙂

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