Lesser Panda Story

Do you guys know lesser panda or firefox? 😉 Take a look at this.

Lesser Panda or Firefox

Lesser Panda or Firefox

Well. There’s another here…

Red Panda

Red Panda

Aren’t they cute guys? Yes they are, absolutely. But there’s a story I wanna share with you today. It’s from my favourite tv show airing on every Saturday 7.00 pm here called 天才!志村動物園 [Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen] (Genius! Shimura Zoo) where celebrities will keep rare animals as pet. And lesser panda has been on the list.

Haruna Ai was choosen to keep this leg-injured newborn firefox, feed and take care of him like her own pet. But I saw her cares this unfortunate red panda more to her own child for 6 months, seeing it transformed from the weak, helpless one to the strong, playful firefox baby as it should have to.

Haruna wasn’t just caring it, but she trained, gave her fullest supports as human for him to be a normal lesser panda. And after 6 months passed, she has to return him to his mother – his firefox one. And you guys guess what happened to her at the farewell.

She did cry a lot and me too. The narrator with the background music played along with it  brought those tears to fill my eyes and later they’re streaming non-stop wetting my face. Gahhh…. this show never failed to make me tears!

So that human relationships aren’t limited to human-human right? Love and care is beyond our species….are you with me? 😉

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5 thoughts on “Lesser Panda Story

  1. light93 says:

    halmoni the panda lover~!
    i bet me too will cry if i watch the program.
    i agreed with u..love beyond the species!
    *loves overloaded*

  2. arieszai says:

    oho~~~ grandma’s story last night!!!~~
    firefox and lesser panda… so they’re fox + panda

    huuuu~~~ 6 months old huh??? even my nephew can crawls all over the place (which happens to be 6 months old too)

    she really take this lesser panda like her own child… one touching story between human and animals

    we can never underestimate the power of love right???

  3. evearlmine says:

    :: teah gdottie ::
    yes i am the PANDA LOVER! 😛

    :: ec ::
    yes, because the firefox was hurt.
    he might ended up can’t walk & run like the normal firefox due to his injuries on the leg, but Haruna treated his hurt and even trained him to climb on trees!
    it’s totally driving me tears non stop…to think of the fact of pure love there 🙂

  4. ohhhhhhh is firefox same wif “red panda”?? ahahaha
    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sooooooooo touching story……….^^
    but wait……

    wat a coincidence…i mean not same time…but friday nite…i was looking for panda pixes..& then come saturday harmony watched about panda on tv!!!!!!!!!!!! kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! grandpa making some vampire connection agen huh???????!!! hahahaha
    *PANDA-monium SQUEL!* ROFL

    anywies…since idk how to post @ WP wif pix on it…jaz gonna put the pix url den here…

    baby panda pix^^ ahahaha wanna cuddle him really!!! hahaha & yeah teach him to bite as well!!! hahahahaha
    P.S i tink u can jaz mouse over the link…WP will catch or preview a SNAP of it…dat if u enable SNAP SHOTs!!!! wahahaha^^ *winks*

  5. evearlmine says:

    :: sweetie ::

    he’s cute man.. especially in that pose 🙂
    love it.. thanks!

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