Miraculous Word

It’s 2 minutes before 12.30 at noon. Half an hour to go for the 2nd battle, the last of the day. I took a seat at the most edge of first row from the front bench to the left in B21, a big old lecture hall in Engineering Dept. Building. It’s been a year since my last being here… I guess? All my days in these 2 years were spent in Material Chemistry building, separated from main Engineering’s. I just realized how large my college is.

I bet three quarter of 80 students were already there when I entered in. No one took the 1st row of every section, and I’m the one who break the custom. It doesn’t matter. Because it’s an examination.

Great. I felt nobody has their eyes on me. So I flipped fast my textbooks – I brought two, not for details study, but just to see the few polymer structures at the first few front pages. Just eyes running through them, unsure if the last-minute data will load safely into my mind box or not. 

But I swear reading is the only way I concentrate – 100%, 99 at least. Voices of those surrounding me hardly break my attention. Not until a voice came from my back, calling out my name, politely.

Since it’s male voice and addressing me with “-san”, I know it wasn’t my friend. Three men appeared before me. The one said “Hello” was Eric, the Kenyan guy in his 1st year of Master and the one who is more familiar to me was Mr. Satou and another student under his research lab – Advanced Polymer Chemistry Laboratory. Satou sensei himself was my former teacher for few classes & experiments before. You guys guess it – I’m more than familar to him, being the only one undergraduate foreign student in this 8-storey-material-chemistry building.

He was too surprised to find me here. Yes he must. I passed his High Polymer II paper last year on the first strike and even passed his Advanced Polymer Chemistry too. And now I’m sitting for High Polymer I, the most basic Polymer Chemistry, and trust me this was my 3rd trials for this paper.

He did ask me for confirmation. I said yes. And you guys know what he replied? The most basic, usual words that Japanese use in their daily lives –

「頑張ってね!」 (Ganbatte ne!) = Do your best!

I took few blinks of period to answer him 「はい!」 (Hai!) = Yes I will.

Too touched to hear this. I admit that it’s just too simple yet anyone of y0u can say this to me, but the one from him makes a lot of different. Too short, but too powerful. I suddenly felt can’t wait to begin my exam. All of sudden energy and strength…and I gave my all to the paper which began soon after. It worked… better than I’ve expected.

So guys. What is your Miraculous Word? That was miraculous word for me. Thanks Satou Sensei. Too infinitesimal but too miraculous. Unsound for you may be, but more than reliable to me.

I guess I got me back…yes, “ME”… 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Miraculous Word

  1. arieszai says:

    kyaaaa!!!~ i am so happy that everybody around my ffx halmoni r so caring… u sure r lucky ev…. and those miraculous word… really…. if i am in ur shoes… i will shed tears…. felt touched that my sensei give me encouragement like that…

    i know that u can do it ev!!!~

    last night i wondered why you never show up on YM… been searching for you since evening… i guess ur gdottie really misses u huh? cant stand even 1/2 day w/o her halmoni.. ^^

    ev hwaiting!!!~ ev can do it!!~ :-bd

  2. evearlmine says:

    Ec dearie,

    yeah, i don’t know why i was touched, am really was.
    maybe because he did the wonderful job at the very right moment by saying that miraculous word huh? 🙂
    it’s just right before the exam, there’s nothing else he could say i understood.
    but he can just smile and signed that he still remember me without saying anything right, like other sensei used to.
    and he came from my back, i wouldn’t notice him if he didn’t say any until the exam begin, but he did.
    kyaaaaaa…. i analyzed every possibilities that it’s just a “nothing-to-be-proud” of, but the more i did the more i’m not.

    thanks! now you burned up all the spirit flames inside me. gotta make sure they fire to the brightest color for the next two papers! *can’t write English properly anymore* 😛

    aha… i know you do.
    but i chose to stay invisible.
    i can’t bear to hurt or to worry my ec.
    i know she cares a lot for her halmoni.
    sorry for that.
    but you have my promise, i’ll do my best for my last 2 papers too! 😉

  3. light93 says:

    simple word yet can fire up our spirit huh?am i right halmoni?
    glad u find ur real you now and hope u will stay with ur own identity all time^^

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