Stress & Immunity System

I spent 2 hours to watch tv again, today – every Saturday evening from 7 to 9 pm. Developed this “custom” since few weeks ago. There are two that became my favourite shows since before. I ditched them once, then restarted again.

「天才!志村動物園」Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen & 「Let’s ホニャララ~」Let’s Honyarara. Let’s Honyarara is an educational show, but performed in a very funny & casual way. It’s not like you watching a CD of educational software on your laptop! Every week they invited some new guests, quite a celebrity to share the knowledge together. They are regulars too, of course. I found it interesting because it’s educational, but no just sitting and listening to the “teachers” invited like we are in the lecture hall and fall asleep after the non-stop, long boring talks!

Ok. Enough of show introduction. From the show of this week, I confirmed another saying – Stress will make you sick more often than usual. But why?

Some gave the theory when we stress we skip our meals. And some even take drugs and alcohol excessively which absolutely ruin our health. But what if we don’t do all those mentioned but still easily fall sick? The answer is ; it’s in your blood!

We talk about health, we talk about immunity system. That’s it! IMMUNITY SYSTEM. When your immunity system has problem, then there’ll be problem on your health respectively. Our immunity declines when we are under stress because our body produced steroid hormones in our cells.

An experiment was held to prove how this steroid hormones effect human’s immunity. Our antibody cells died soon after steroid hormones injected into them. With the antibody cells destroyed, our body can’t defeat any virus or any health problem cause things like a bank without a guard easily robbed!

So yeah. Let’s not get ourselves under stress guys! Stay healty mentally and physically. Healthy inside to ensure we’re healthy outside! Gotta go~ 😉

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6 thoughts on “Stress & Immunity System

  1. arieszai says:

    stress??? doesn’t stress increases blood pressure??? it also decrease our immunity system??? hohohohoho… if im not mistaken, white blood cells responsible to keep immunity in our body ^^ <_<

    the more i think about connection between white blood cells, immunity system, and high blood pressure… i come to this conclusion… as always.. stress increases or blood pressure… so white blood cells under pressure will be destroyed and that results in our low immunity system…

    does my theory makes sense??? gotta look into bio later to confirm my theory ^^

    aha!!~ and to my ev… hwaiting!!~ only 2 papers left!!!~ gambatteh!!!~ :-bd

  2. haniz says:

    i am stressed right now. and when i am stressed, i can’t think sanely. so the result is that, i end up shopping like crazy! i dunno how much i have spent already but i guess… 200++ euro?? equal to 1000++ RM?? omg. i should start think normally again. and yeah.. stress makes me wanna puke and sleep all day. T_________T exam-stress + finding practical place-stress can make you go crazy. hontouni!!

    gambatte twinnie yah! let’s soar to the sky!!! *ape aku merepek ni*

  3. light93 says:

    i often felt stress last’s dat why i MUSt get sick once in a week.?

  4. evearlmine says:

    I’m on the same theory too before, but stress in mind doesn’t really work like pressure on materials outside our cells.
    And you did mention there that stress raising blood pressure.
    The one that caused the blood pressure is the steroid hormone.
    That’s why some athletes take this as drug before match in order to make them “super” active 🙂

    Huhu…poor you dear twinnie.
    But… RM1000 a day might be small number if you bought sth really BIG 😉
    As we in JP here buy everything by cash, so it won’t surprised me that much.
    Anyway, I’m praying for your success dear.
    Believing in you!
    Hope you manage to find the place of practical soon 🙂

    ☆Teah Gdottie☆
    Can say the possibility is high.
    And it’s proven some more.
    Stress the most dangerous, hidden killer in our body huh?

  5. zalizabrina says:

    hoho..’let’s honyararara’??wasn’t it ‘sekai ichi uketai jugyou’?
    anyway, i love japan’s tv shows’s educational and entertaining..the combination makes it very interesting..not like malaysia’s tv..very boring with all the ‘artist-wannabe’ show..getting sick with it..
    but i do really think stress makes u sick often..if not your health, it sickens your heart..and also makes people sleepy..haha(or is it just me??lol)

  6. evearlmine says:


    wasn’t really know the title of the show, coz i’m actually watching the show before it – Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen.
    so just follow the flow 😉

    100% agreed! last summer when i back home, i hardly watch tv. still watching my lappy! whatta! coz there’s nothing really catch my eyes, or at least make me wanna stay in front of my tv for more than 5 minutes!

    i wonder if MY tv can make shows like this… entertainment in education. it’s not impossible right?

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