Another time-killing result

This not gonna be official poster yet, but yeah take a look then 😉

What do you think? Any words might help because I NEVER made poster, even once in my life. So I bet this is more to WALLPAPER type, not really a poster. But what’s wrong to try right? 😉 I learned a lot of techniques while making this.

p/s : I’m anticipating & truly looking forward for my Pheb dearie works 🙂 This is just a mess I created during my take 5 during exam study 😀 Onegaishimasu, sifu m(_ _)m

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7 thoughts on “Another time-killing result

  1. zalizabrina says:

    shiken mada owatte nai no??
    ganbatte ne~~~
    to me, it’s more than OK, your poster..coz i’ve never made one try though, i think..hihi

  2. evearlmine says:

    まだまだ。今日後一個残ってる。さすが最後のやつだね。もう2週間もずっと試験だから、やっと終わりが来たなーって感じ?(; ‘_’)

    thanks! 🙂
    1st try, imperfections expected, that’s natural huh?

  3. ZaliZabrina says:

    sokka..yokatta ne, kyou de owari dakara, atode ippai tanoshimeru jan~~malaysia kaeru?

  4. evearlmine says:






  5. light93 says:

    nice try halmoni!
    u can do it..try more and i’m sure u can make better~!

  6. arieszai says:

    omo!!~ most comments in jpse @_@

    puahahahahaha…. can u explain to me… how did our dearest ffx get entangled in Ed-Bell relationship??? *blink2*

    izit vampire + human = firefox???? hahahahahha…

    the baby ffx looks so cute there ^^…. she’s feels blushed rite???

  7. evearlmine says:

    ☆Ec Dear☆

    well, i didn’t mean to put Ed in the pic actually.
    but since i’ve over put Amy (2 pics there) so it’s kinda not balance with two humans with just one tsubaki (flower) and one panda there.
    i tried to find any male pic that may suit, since my story is narrated by a man, but failed to find any to fit this piece.
    so i searched randomly and found that one – no one else rather than Ed! 😛
    kinda work out there huh?
    but just i think the BG is too light… nothing alike to poster.
    need more practise then! 😉
    thanks, GIMP master!

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