What am doing?

Ok. My final examinations officially over yesterday on the 9th paper, after 2 weeks continuously. And here are some updates of what am I doing now or my updates! As if like you all interested to know what am I doing! 😛

Reading …

Breaking Dawn, the 4th book of Twilight Saga. Finished reading the Eclipse last week after a month and a half not touching the book on the reason having exams!

Watching …


1) Smallville Season 8 [U.S Teens/Supernatural series]

Blame Ec the unofficial promoter for me! 😛 Oh yeah I watched Smallville like for ages ago, and then stopped. Now am back to it.

2) When It’s At Night [Korean Drama Series]

This is an only Korean drama I can watch now. It has everything – glum, hilarity, avenge, family relationships & romance. It was first because I’m checking on Lee Dong Gun (not really a fan of him, though) because I like his acting, somehow. And now the story itself lead me to continue watching until the end 🙂


1) Alvin & the Chipmunks [2007]

It was totally hit and hot I knew. But I remembered 2007 was the year full of blast to me. I keep downloading it but never watch it. Now, I’m digging out all the buried files again and yeah, worth my dig! 😛 Theodore’s killing me… absolutely. You guys still remember these scenes? Take a look..

The Chipmunks meddle in Human - Dave Seville that's it!

The Chipmunks meddle in Human - Dave Seville that's it!

Three chipmunk babies got Xmas presents for their dad...human dad!

Three chipmunk babies got Xmas presents for their dad...human dad!


Theodore the big butt!

Theodore the big butt!

The best scene of Theodore - coming to Dad when he had nitemare!

The best scene of Theodore - coming to Dad when he had nitemare!

Theodore sleeping on Dad's face!

Theodore sleeping on Dad's face!

Isn’t he cute guys? I mean Theodore. And Jesse’ voice for him was more than perfect! 😉

2) Keith [Independent Film, 2008]

Starred by Elisabeth Harnois and Jesse McCartney. Suddenly feel like watching Jesse in movie just to listen to his speaking voice again! *crazy me* A melodrama movie it was, Jesse played something new. But the “freak” part and “playful” Keith still portrayed Jesse in real. Don’t know. That’s my view when I see Jesse. Not really know him in real. But he’s my fave voice actor. Truly. Those who can’t stand quiet movie, this’ not for you. Coz I know some of you anticipates actions, fights or such. And I want to keep my eyes away from any violence, as much as I can. That’s why I don’t really see these days movies. TOO MUCH VIOLENCE!


To Hayley Westenra’s Discography. Whatta sudden change to choose classical pop/operatic pop huh? But she has big talents, big hearts. Why don’t I?

Writing …

My 3rd short story – Tsubaki. I’m trying new thing again. Hope it’ll be fine and turns out as what I’m hoping. And I haven’t finish my MINTM (2nd fanfic) yet, so gotta work out my brain for that too. Ditching it for months, with the change of ideas and everything….. hope it’s fine too!


Twilight DVD Release! And of course the cinema release for Japan too!

Ok. That’s my update for today. We’ll be back! 😉

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5 thoughts on “What am doing?

  1. arieszai says:

    kyaaaaaaaaa~~~~ my halmoni recent activities huh???
    hohohohoo~~~ a very long list i see!!!

    SMALLVILLE mode huh??? i just finish watching season 5, 6 & 7 in a couple week ^^

    so if you didnt understand anything… i am more than willing to help you… hihihihihi~~~

    i kept thinking WHY DO OUR SUPERMAN aka CK denied his destiny OVER and OVER again… after so many bad occasion happened.. after so many blood & tears.. he still claiming his biological dad r bad kryptonian… haishhh~~~ and by the end of season 7, his fortress of solitude already gone from earth… the great fortress, contain all the knowledge that are essential to save the earth gone in a blink…

    haishhhh~~~~ luckily that brianac (brain interactive construct) already gone (i hope so)

    and i hope that kara (CK kryptonian cousin) managed to come back from phantom zone eventually to help CK later…

    and as for lex… i didnt understand why he want POWER so much.. wanting to hold the way to handle the ‘traveller’ (CK obviously) and did all life threatening adventure to find the device needed and all…

    he’s the evil of the story…
    the evil just created to make our hero shines huh? <<– the real fact

  2. yuuras says:

    am i too late?
    hehe..hope no.
    haaa,byk ny activities halmoni..
    uhhh,dr sni ke dtg ny chipmunk tu..lorh…haha…
    best ke cite tu?bley la cri dvd pasni…hehe
    cumei2 chipmunk nyaaaa~~~~

  3. evearlmine says:

    :: Ec ::

    There you go. Our info-teller aka Smallville promoter is there. Ok, thanks for the info. But I’m not really affected by people who already watched the series’ words, until I watch it by myself. Though I can understand some of that by current ones, but yeah my memory won’t record any thus I won’t trail them back when I watch it later! 😛

    :: Shida ::

    Haha! Poor you didn’t notice it earlier!
    Sure.. one of the BEST CGI animation movie I’ve ever seen.
    You better watch it if you get the chance to do so! 😉

  4. ZaliZabrina says:

    theodore meccha kawaii yan~~
    debu da shi *lol*

  5. ZaliZabrina says:

    btw, thanks for the recommendation!!
    p/s: love Dave’s ‘serak-serak basah’ voice lol

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