All about music..

Do you guys know these person? Wait I list them out for you 🙂

Take a look to list below.

1) Max Martin

2) Rami Yacoub

3) Jorgen Elofsson

4) Andreas Carlsson

5) Diane Warren

6) M. S. Eriksen

7) Anthor Birgisson

8) Ben Moody

9) David Hodges

Well. They are my favourite composers. I know it’s too much, but since I’m listening to music too much, I began to recognize their works. Not believe in me? Here, about their composed songs & genres.

The first 4 is more to new pop type. All the songs composed by them can be slow or fast beat. But they never failed to catch my ears. This 4 happens to write songs for artists such Britney Spears, N’ Sync, Backstreet Boys, Westlife etc. And I just found out the songs such “Stay With Me” by Danity Kane & “Breathless” (by Shayne Ward where lyrics & details were given in the previous post) came from the composers I listed above!

Wow! My evergreen favorite ballad of “Unbreak My Heart” by Tony Braxton was written by Diane Warren, and I remembered others such  “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” (Leanne Rhimes) and “Nothing Hurts Like Love” (Daniel Bedingfield) are written by the same composer.

And I began to love songs of Ne-Y0 (So Sick, Do You) or Usher (His Mistakes) or Jordin Sparks (Tattoo) or Rihanna’s “Hate That I Love You” or “Cry” which are all works of M. S Eriksen.

Oh yeah. There are several singers that wrote songs for themselves right? Such Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda or Dido Armstrong (Dido) or Justin Timberlake. Justin‘s works slowly catching my attention lately. Rihanna‘s “Rehab” and Madonna’s “Devil Won’t Recognize You” are the two best pick up.

Who’s left? Ben Moody & David Hodges. Both of them previously know from their association with this well-known Christian Rock band called Evanescence. I recognized Ben‘s work pretty good by his strings – guitar I mean 😉 Anastacia’s “Everything Burns” (Fantastic Four Soundtrack), Avril Lavigne’s “Nobody’s Home”, Kelly Clarkson’s “Because of You” and Daughtry’s “What About Now” are my favourites  from Ben.

As for David Hodges, his genre may seems a little alike to Ben‘s but they’re vary from the feeling. David wrote Anastacia “Pieces of a Dream” which happened to be Fantastic Four Soundtrack as well. And he also wrote for Backstreet Boy’s “Something that I already knew” & Celine Dion’s “This Time”.

What is your type of voice?

I came up with this again. Am I gonna take Music Degree or what, right after graduation or something? You may ask me that question, but me too don’t know the answer! Well. Some of you may think this is rubbish, but I don’t. What’s wrong to know yourself, your voice even though you’re not gonna debut as a singer?

Let’s get back to the topic. My voice type? I am the Contralto, who has the deepest and lowest voice. That’s why when I talk in the crowd, people won’t hear me! No matter how hard I try to raise my voice, I’m not gonna defeat the noise! Gahhhh! Who else you might know that has this kind of voice? I found that ; Alicia Keys, the veteran Gloria Estefan, big mama Cher and Tony Braxton has this Contralto voice type.

I bet you guys know Soprano as the highest female voice. And we call Mezzo-Soprano for the voice type in between Soprano & Contralto. And there is another type of voice – Alto. Alto can simply described as the voice type in between Mezzo-Soprano & Contralto. That means the one who has Alto voice may reach the highest pitch of one’s Mezzo-Soprano and the lowest pitch of one’s Contralto. Mariah Carey has this type of voice. That’s may help you understand this Alto easier I guess.

 Ok. That’s it for today 😉

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