Reverse Effect

It sounds crazy, but do you ever have something that you really want to get rid of, but ended up have to be together with? Or the thing you really wished it doesn’t, but turned up it does. Or someone you really hate then you ended up to love?

The last the scariest – I know. Well. That’s the reason why I never hate people actually. No matter how bad he/she is, I will just ignore him/her, but not to put any single hatred in him/her. But, the 1st two things I mentioned there were happening to me! 😮

Ok. Let’s say, you have some particular things you wish your idols/favourite artists or celebrities don’t do/have. For me, in the most general things I don’t like the smoking guys. No just “don’t like” but I hate them, to be honest. Especially those who’re like to show off they’re smoking! Gahhhh… what the heck you wanted me to know you’re smoking? If you really want to show off, show me something else! *it’s me when I pissed off to smoking guys!*

And guess what! Of course I wanted to get rid of these guys and always ended up to work together with them! I was like Oh my Goodness! Why on earth I have to be here, with you?! And yeah, the same happened to some of my favourite actors. Well, they’re actors. So I don’t really care but when it appears to be ALWAYS, there’s more than co-incidence. Don’t you think so?

OK. I accidentally went to check out on this guy called Fujiwara Tatsuya (main lead of Battle Royale 1 & 2, Death Note 1 & 2 and some major theatres such as Hamlet and Romeo & Juliet) this morning. I don’t know why YouTube recommended me to re-view his old clip (i watched it before) and yeah, I found out he’s a heavy smoker! Oh my goodness! *faints*

He’s just the example. Do not take it as I want to sabotage his life or career. He’s an awesome actor, with some charm characters once he acts in front of camera. Oh yeah, even the evilish character he played in Death Note won’t seem to shake his fans’ hearts 😛 And whenever he smiles to his ears, those hearts melt away like chocolate in the sunlight! *hyperbole applied*

So what I wanted to say is… 

We better NOT to put this kind of limitations, rules, conditions or whatever similar to. There are no guarantees they’d be always turn reverse, neither nor happens like what they should be, but enough to remind ourselves LIFE doesn’t always GOES on our ways. So! Take it easy. MOVE on in our ways… our own paths, not to be defeated, nor to be affected by others.

p/s : Seems like I beaten around the bush too much this time. Don’t get lost, dear readers! 😉

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3 thoughts on “Reverse Effect

  1. Phebs says:

    Ahah~ I TOTALLY agree. Like my last relationship… My Ideal guy is someone tall, smart, hardworking… Instead I got someone that’s the exact opposite and absolutely hate in my last two years in my secondary school as my first. *rolls eyes* Seems I shouldn’t be telling this.

    Anyway, like I used to hate guys that had piercing but then here I am, my fav groups… yes, groups (DBSK and SHinee) are filled with piercing (Okay that’s a little exaggerated :P)

    Yeah, it is best to let life go as it flows. Setting goal is good but setting limitation isn’t really the case. Ahah~ I think I am crapping a lot here. Dunno what I am trying to say myself :P.

  2. evearlmine says:

    oh my!
    who’s that Pheb’s “My Ideal Guy”? *winks*
    ahah… so that’s my theory isn’t really wrong i guess?

    guys with pierce… i wonder if i was the same.
    still hate it but to the fact i hate smoking guys.
    indeed both are just self-destruct behavior, but pierce won’t leave life-long effect (unless you got cancer by doing so then it’s totally same to smoke!)

    don’t worry. I got whatcha wanna say! 😉

  3. ZaliZabrina says:

    of course I’ve felt it..sometimes, we really hated one person, and at some point, there’ll come a day we might start loving them! it makes us wonder why we hated the person so, I come to a conclusion that we ought to think positive and never hate people for what they ARE, but what they DID..

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