2009~2010 Applied Chemistry Research Laboratories



We have 19 laboratories in total for 2009~2010 under Applied Chemistry course, compared to 20 for 2008~2009. Below are the three major divisions with the specific research groups under each.


1)    有機プロセス工学 Division of Chemical Process Engineering


1.1) 有機工業化学 Research Group of Industrial Organic Chemistry

1.1.1) 反応有機化学 Lab. Of Organic Reaction Chemistry

1.1.2) 有機金属化学 Lab. Of Organometallic Chemistry

1.1.3) 有機合成化学 Lab. Of Organic Synthesis Chemistry


1.2) 化学工学 Research Group of Chemical Engineering

1.2.1) 化学システム工学 Lab. Of Chemical System Engineering

1.2.2) 材料化学工学 Lab. Of Material Design and Engineering

1.2.3) 化学反応工学 Lab. Of Chemical Reaction Engineering


1.3) 物質変換工学 Research Group of Material Transformation Engineering

1.3.1) Catalyst Chemistry Laboratories Center  


2)    生物機能高分子 Division of Biotechnology & Macromolecular Chemistry


2.1) 生物工学 Research Group of Biotechnology

2.1.1) 再生医療工学 Lab. Of Tissue Regeneration Engineering

2.1.2) 細胞培養工学 Lab. Of Cell Processing Engineering

2.1.3) バイオ分子工学Lab. Of Molecular Bioengineering


2.2) 分子機能化学 Research Group of Chemistry of Functional Molecules

2.2.1) 生物計測化学 Lab. Of Bioanalytical Chemistry

2.2.2) 高分子機能化学 Lab. Of Polymer Chemistry

2.2.3) 分子材料化学 Lab. Of Molecular Material Chemistry


3)    物質化学 Division of Material Chemistry


3.1)      機能材料化学 Research Group of Functional Materials Chemistry

3.1.1) 電子材料化学 Lab. Of Electronic Materials Chemistry

3.1.2) 先端材料化学 Lab. Of Advanced Material Chemistry

3.1.3) 界面電子化学 Lab. Of Interfacial Electrochemistry


3.2)      無機材料化学 Research Group of Inorganic Materials Chemistry

3.2.1) 構造無機化学 Lab. Of Structural Inorganic Chemistry

3.2.2) 固体反応化学 Lab. Of Solid State Chemistry

3.2.3) 無機合成化学 Lab. Of Inorganic Synthesis Chemistry



I haven’t decided yet which lab I’m going to, but we had a very long tiring day listening to every lab’s briefing yesterday. I fell asleep during a few of labs. Though they’re actually 15 minutes briefing (that’s why we call it “briefing” I guess) but we have 19 laboratories’ briefing, which took the whole day to stay still in our seats. I felt like I was taking 19 subjects’ lectures in one day! Oh my goodness! Yeah, I’ll go to the open labs today and see how much it’ll help me to decide.


I have interests in few labs, but my interest isn’t the most important it seems now. It’s the sensei, the surrounding & the rules every labs have. And at the same time I can’t ignore my interest as well. There are even labs that I can’t stand with. But let’s not have too much hope & hatred, because they do choose students from the RESULTS. Those students with flying colors’ will get whatever they choose. And me… I just hope they won’t throw me to just any lab left after all those good ones’ taken away.

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5 thoughts on “2009~2010 Applied Chemistry Research Laboratories

  1. Phebs says:

    Wow! All those names… *dizzy* :P. I agree… Interest is important but it isn’t all that… you still need to see the teacher and stuff.. Is this why you were too tired yesterday to reply me? :S. Oh well… 15×19… Thats 285 min= almost 5 hours?! 5 hours on the seat?! Huhu~ No wonder you are exhausted. Sorry if I bother you yesterday.

    Good luck rubi!! Hwaiting!!!

  2. arieszai says:

    lol!!!!~~~ so many labs to choose from!!!~~ *excited mode*

    whenever i heard ‘lab’ i feel excited… i dunno why… maybe the only place for us to prove all the ‘theories’ (especially the one we just gotta accept w/o any 1001 question) derived by great great great great scientists long long long time ago…
    yeah… we can prove the theories using math (i mean using complicated PLUS mind cracking formulas) which probably takes us almost 10pages of calculation to finally get the final theory… *sigh* <<— advanced nuclear physics III (sub that only 30% pass the exam EVERY SEMESTER)

    but using experimental procedure etc3…yeah… i know laboratory takes longer time, but if we really love our field, that shouldnt become a problem…

    some final year students just make laboratory their ‘1st home’ and their home becomes somewhat like hotel <<— which i think our ev currently thinking of doing later ^^
    because they’re so into the lab + time restrain
    & i think ev so worried about the second one… rite? time restrain….

    everything will be fine if we really put our heart in it ^^

    hwaiting ev!!!~ u can make it!!~ ev boleh!!~ ^^

    *continue playing with grandpa*

  3. kadori says:

    First of all, find the best environment you can work with (sensei, friend, lab condition). Then, consider about your interest. This world can’t fulfill all of our preferences EXCEPT that if you are SUPER DUPER GIRL and can live like a salmon, swimming against river current. By the way, I am eating sushi with salmon and its egg on it, oiiiiiiishiiiiiiiiiii!!

  4. evearlmine says:

    Thanks to all that gave me moral & mentally supports.
    They’re all been so much help to me.
    I hope everything’s gonna be fine.
    I have less than a month before the toughest semesters begin.
    Not to worry too much and yet not to think about it too much.
    I guess I let myself to rest a little.

  5. ZaliZabrina says:

    uwah uwah..byknye nama..byknye lab..penin2 *rolled eyes*
    but I think you have decided to go to which lab rite?
    hope you do well in there..

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