Disney Products HIGH

Just finished watching all episodes of  Hannah Montana (series), from season 1 to the latest one; episode 7 of season 3. I really have awesome time watching whole the series. And you guys not gonna believe it if I tell you there are even few episodes who made me tears. Miley Cyrus & her real dad Billy Ray Cyrus sweet relationship really touched me. Well I don’t know how sweet Billy is in real, but he really is in the series! Who doesn’t want a sweet Dad like him? Always be there for his son & daughter, their supporter, their dad, their friend – being a shoulder to cry on, being a someone to share their ups & downs. Well that’s what a Dad should be I guess. Just am not that lucky as Miley maybe? Oppps. But I have a Mom that comparable to Billy! That’s it! 😉 So. Teasers to you guys. Check out below 😛

Hannah Montana : Miley & Jake

Hannah Montana : Miley & Jake

Hannah Montana : Cody Linley starring Jake Ryan

Hannah Montana : Cody Linley starring Jake Ryan

Jonas Brothers in Hannah Montana : (from left) Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas & Kevin Jonas

Jonas Brothers in Hannah Montana : (from left) Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas & Kevin Jonas

Our Jonas Brothers only appeared once in the very last episode in season 2 of Hannah Montana entitled “Me & Mr. Jonas & Mr. Jonas & Mr. Jonas” but that’s what brought me so into Jonas Brothers lately! 🙂 And ooh… this is special for my Ec. Though it still unconfirmed whether it’s Joe or Kevin, but here Shane Gray (Joe Jonas) from Camp Rock for you Ec! 😛

Camp Rock : Joe Jonas starring Shane Gray

Camp Rock : Joe Jonas starring Shane Gray


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5 thoughts on “Disney Products HIGH

  1. arieszai says:

    ev nih… saja buat org blush pg2 buta nih… o my dearest joe… *blush again*
    omo!!~~ in camp rock huh??? gotta find that one later!!~~ puahahahahaha…

    SENGAJA tau EV nih!!!~~ kenaikan ec ngan Jonas Brothers plak~~ mana ec nak letak seungri ec nih??? ^^
    seungri or joe…. seungri orrrrrrr joe??? *decision2*

  2. Phebs says:

    Aigoo~ SeungRi or Joe? Then Changmin totally vanished from the picture already. *shakes head*
    That first picture is very sweet and nice! Love it! I haven’t download the Hannah Montana concert yet. Was trying to complete download the SM Town Live Session 2 first but sendspace seems to hate me so much. The download speed is just so freaking slow. And I mean like below 10 kb/s slow. *sigh* Hope I can quickly settle it. > <
    Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. 😀

  3. evearlmine says:

    :: Ec ::
    so it’s now OFFICIALLY confirmED that he’s Joe Jonas 😛 my first instinct alway right, though a few were off tracks! even our Ec mistaken our dearest Joe is the eldest (he’s the middle) but somehow I knew it’s Joe. Happy watching Camp Rock Ec. Opps. But firstly, good luck on downloading it! 😉 Still in dilemma huh? Which one? If it’s Joe, he’s PASSED to be my grandson! 😛

    :: Pheb ::
    ahah. the 1st picture is when Jake (Linley) was about to kiss Miley actually. Quite of episodes in Hannah Montana they were together, especially in Season 1 and Linley appeared again in 2 episodes of Season 2. But Linley was never rumored dating Miley in real like whoever guy was paired with Hannah Montana before. Good luck on your download Pheb! Enjoy the 3D concert! Among the best concert I’ve ever watch 🙂

  4. ZaliZabrina says:

    uwahh, I’ve only been in Korea for 1 week, and you’ve finished the series??that’s hayakkk..hihi
    your another latest craziness that I cant understand what it’s about, hehe

  5. evearlmine says:

    :: zali ::
    you better watch it (Hannah Montana) then you know why i’m so HIGH over it.
    and yeah, Camp Rock is another great(?) movie i can suggest to you.
    great, as it’s from Disney Product.
    i bet you know Disney always like this ; encouraging kids & teens to be a good person when they grow up to be the adults.
    no matter what field they’re in, they always put their best.
    worth watching! 😉

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