[GIMP] Camp Rock

Still Camp Rock HIGH… fever 😛 So I went GIMP-ing after quite a time since my last GIMP-ing. So here, some of them. Uh uh, I’m not doing like what I used to be before, like using all brushes I have to mess up, but just to value some effect to change the view.

Woo hoo… this is for Joe’s fans… Shane Gray’s fans included! 😛

Shane Gray (Joe Jonas)

Shane Gray (Joe Jonas)

And then, Nate (Nick Jonas) 🙂

Nate (Nick Jonas)

Nate (Nick Jonas)

I’m sorry I haven’t done yet with Kevin 😦 Will be back to update. And what’s next? Mitchie!

Mitchie (Demi Lovato)

Mitchie (Demi Lovato)

And last, but not least, Shane & Mitchie 😉

Shane & Mitchie

Shane & Mitchie

p/s : Why do I find Joe & Demi are so sweet together? Oppps. No offense to those who find not. Well, from the movie, that’s it! 😉

Do you guys noticed the similarities of these pictures then? All of them being touched by “Soft Glow” Effect, which now I’m crazy over to try on various kind of pictures. I love the way it sends the tender and sometimes dreamy feelings into the pictures. Tell me what you think then.

p/s : These are all AMATEUR works, and just doing it to kill some time 😀 So Ec, whatcha think about the 1st picture? Ohh.. I should’ve asked are you still there or not before that. Shane (Joe)’s smile is killing me…. not yet because Nick was there! Kiddin’! 😛 But I was thinking, why did our dearest Joe smiling like that? Do you know why, Ec? *blinking eyes*

That’s all! See ya!

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4 thoughts on “[GIMP] Camp Rock

  1. arieszai says:

    kyaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~ i wonder how long since my last time ‘really’ using GIMP to make… well… like what you’ve done… hahahaha…
    usually open to give not so specialist tutor on GIMP… well… of course to those less knowledge in GIMP than me myself… hahahaha…

    i can see now u didn’t really need a tutor urself.. and ur work looks amazingly better than mine ^^… & i mean it ev!!~

    CAMP ROCK!!!~~ if i know downloading with torrent will be far far far more quick than using MF, i wouldn’t ask u to split the file, and upload them… gomen ne?
    currently my DDL rate so very LOW… it really got my nerve… gahhHHH~~

    Why did our… ehem! my dearest Joe smiling like that…
    i think u know why… definitely bcoz his future-to-be grdma in law already approve him as her grdson in law!!~~ so he cant really concentrate and smile~~ 😀

    pardon my silliness… puahahahaha~~~

  2. evearlmine says:

    :: Ec ::

    now Ec is complimenting too much *blushed* nice try to add some blusher to me! 😛 they’re all very simple except the last with border decoration. maybe i don’t need a written tutorial, but learning from our Tutor Ec was wonderful thing. You’re the GIMP Master to me! m(_ _)m 😉

    *rofl* yeah~ so pure & innocent. I’ve never saw him smiling like that in any concerts or interviews of them before. Now Joe really switched his tactic huh? “To win ‘her'(u know who) grandma’s heart first” hahahahahahaha~

    we are somewhat equal. we are crazy while making jokes and damn scary when we talk about sth serious, aren’t we Ec? 😉

  3. yuuras says:

    halmoni makin maju dlm ber’GIMP’…hehe..
    eh ade joe disini…^^*winks*
    nick pun ade..hik3…

    joe & demi…yaaa…looks so sweet together^_~

  4. Brishti says:

    I hate you Demi Lovato|!!
    Oh my god………you sitting beside joe? How lucky you are!!
    I lobhe Joe!!! I even know his full name!! Joseph Adam Jonas!! I know his favorite color is BLUE!! just like mine!!
    I wish i just had a chance to see Joe!!
    Still Demi you are cute….

    Joe I love you!!!!!!!!<3 ❤ ❤
    And you don't even know me =.=

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