Killin’ time

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas

Did I make question marks arose in your head? Because you guys can see Joe’s photos & posters increasing on my blog here from day to day? Instead I’m head over heel to his younger brother? 😛

Ha ha. Well, I’ve tried on Nick but it’s still in progress ;), to be honest. And yet, I know this isn’t any good coz I’m really BAD at making posters, wallies & sort of stuffs. This is a very rough, plain work but I took 2 days to make it *phew*

Since I made it for Ec, originally so I tried PURPLE. But I bet you guys seen only the fonts in PURPLE, not the whole piece. Well. I still have rooms to improve if I wanted to be serious, but seriously this is just for… KILLIN’ TIME, so I’m doing it for fun, for my own satisfaction.

Tell me whatcha think. Anything, about what you think 😉

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2 thoughts on “Killin’ time

  1. aethia321 says:

    KYAA~!! Rubi, it looks AWESOME!!! I am sure echah will LOVE it!! I like all the colors. All blend superb together. Although I think the black brush pattern there might look better if it is dark brown. Just a thought.

    Ahah~ I think it is like with me on Jaejoong. I want it to look perfect so I would take longer to do. 😛

    Anyway, Looking forward to more!! 😀

  2. evearlmine says:

    :: Pheb ::

    I firstly showed this to her actually 🙂
    Oh, it’s not black brush pattern actually.
    Blue black, to be exact.
    Coz I don’t have any purple-closed-to color.
    So I randomly picked that blue-black.
    Thanks for the idea.
    Might try it 😉

    Uhm, maybe I wanted the perfect one for Nick’s.
    But somehow I feel distracted to his pic itself.
    Like just him alone is more than enough!
    *what am i talking about?* 😛

    I’ll try again when I have time + mood.

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