Truly from the heart

My extension of visa & insurance are finally settled. Thank goodness. Another dark heavy cloud breaks into pieces and made my mind sky clearer.

Oh yeah. That’s the ORDINARY isn’t it? You get what you’ve worked for, basically. But not that easy. After being trialed & tested, that’s it. So. After I went to Immigration last week right after I noticed my visa is closing to its due and my application got rejected just because I have no PROOF neither nor GUARANTOR to convince the officers & the systems WHY I need to be here for another year, I’ve been through A LOT.

Thanks to those who keeps listening & supporting me all these while. To be exact, these people are on my Yahoo! Messenger, which are thousand miles away from me, distanced by oceans but we’re together through all the hardships. Thanks guys. Not really the neighbors or people next door or even in the next city. Sorry to mention that.

Back to the story. My application rejected because I have no STEADY PROOF to be here. I need a letter of guarantee or a letter of explanation from the college or at least from any academic advisor (must be someone who really know me, MUST be) to enable the procedures. Being in darkness all alone (actually got another friend to hear & share), I came to an idea to issue the matter to my “daddy” (well, my lab-supervisor-to-be, my former class teacher he was, my dad-to-be-called sensei) asking for his help.

I asked him if he could make any written document citing that I’m his student, in his research laboratory by this April, so that’d be MORE than enough to prove it. I emailed him, didn’t get a chance to tell him face to face due to my bad health condition yesterday and he replied me within couple of hours after my email sent stating that he will accompany me all the way to Immigration. My Goodness! I feel like I’m already in tears. He really treat me like his daughter. All the praises to Him.

So, this morning I went to his lab and we went together to the Immigration, as what’ve being planned. He didn’t prepare any letter, any document rather than my latest result (officially not released yet, but since he’s the Head of Applied Chemistry Course, he’d have it anytime he wants).

We walked half way while I thought we will walk until the place – that won’t be any problem with me though I’m not fully recovered yet, but it gives us more time to talk to each other, coz after all he’s gonna be my supervisor right? But he suggested to take a taxi and “great”, he paid the fare. And then we arrived and when it comes to our turn, I need not to explain much to the officer as he figured it out faster than I thought and my daddy’s presence being so much help until I only need to say yes or no.

But I have to write a letter of explanation, by myself. The letter consisting of the reasons I need an extension of a year, my plan during in that period & the expected date I’ll be graduated. I felt bad letting my daddy waiting me to rough the letter, because I took longer time to write with my dizzy head. But the officer convinced me I’ll get my visa extension cleared.

Thank goodness. Thanks daddy. You’ve taken care me a lot along these 4 years. And I can’t deny the fact I’ll trouble you in my 5th year TOO. Sorry but thanks. Thanks friends on messenger. That’s why I need to keep you guys insight. Even though we’re not chatting, it’s enough to see you guys there, online for me. That’s more than a support. Love you all 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Truly from the heart

  1. thejedihunter says:

    I completely feel your pain. Different country and circumstances… Same story, same feelings. Ugh… I am glad that you got your visa all sorted out.

  2. arieszai says:

    thanks hamoni’s sensei!!~~ arigatou!! ^^

    heran apasai la pej kedutaan tak buat sesuatu pasai nih… patutnya menda nih depa dah tau LAMA dah, & depa dah patut paham prosedur tuh pemanjangan tempoh visa etc… & org kedutaan patutnya dah habaq lama dah kt student apa yg perlu kalo nak mohon & sebagainya…
    PEMALAS suma org kedutaan nih!!~~ *bwk kuaq rotan*

    seb bek la ada sensei yg baek ati…. domou arigato… 🙂

    semoga nenek capat sembuh.. banyakan berehat & abaikan ja CUCU nenek yg nakai SORANG tuh… dia nak TEST nek dah sehat ka blom tuh… ekekeke 😀

  3. ZaliZabrina says:

    yokatta ne..alhamdulillah..all the trials are supposed to get u stronger dear..good for u to have a sensei that can be considered as a father..urayamashii ne..

    bab visa tu, aku kol embassy br la depa ckp nk kasik surat..tu pon lama nk xplain myself, sedangkan depa dh ade data psl kita dlm komp depa..huk3

  4. evearlmine says:

    :: the jedihunter ::

    thanks for your concerns. may i know what’s your real name? pardon me if i didn’t notice you in your nickname. m(_ _)m

    :: Ec ::

    yeah. Takahashi sensei being too much for a sensei. that’s why i think i have to call him “daddy”. thanks to you too, for being there to listen to all my stories.. well, not really stories.

    :: zali ::

    ahah. please don’t envy me. maybe the luck was on me after i’ve tried everything i can do myself, but still it ended up i need my daddy. sorry daddy, i know you’re always there for me, but i can’t bear to trouble you anymore.

    owh. hope yours can be settled soon too. maybe different college provides different kind of docs, but immigration Japan nationwide required the same thing i guess. good luck, dear friend! 🙂

  5. kadori says:

    My home is just several blocks from you, not distanced by oceans, volcanoes or whatsoever.. I BEG you to pass by, plzzzZzz 😀

  6. xeraxiah says:

    kakrubi! congrats sbab dapt pnjangkan tempoh visa. =D
    anyway, i think i need your..advice on how to make a wise choice in my applications.. haihh..=(
    when do u usually on9 at ym…?

  7. evearlmine says:

    :: xera ::

    aha. i’m online almost 24/7 if i’m at home. so you can come & talk to me whenever you’re free dear 🙂 i’m on spring break, so the possibility i’m home is high, can tell you that 😉 so! see ya at YM then 😀

  8. xeraxiah says:

    jap..ap nickname kakrubi in ym ahh…?
    i think i’ve added you before..
    but not sure.

  9. evearlmine says:

    i can’t give it here because this site is open, internationally.
    though it’s just a mere regulars appear to be readers, but i’m uncomfortable to write it down here.
    maybe you can check our MC forum for that dear 🙂
    sorry for the trouble m(_ _)m
    link :

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