hair’s breadth to go

Hey guys! I’m back. Thanks to those who’re still checking me here while I’m away *you know who you are* 😉 I’m doing good… yeah I’m not good at lying and I kinda agreed to the idea that silence means something wrong somewhere, to make it short, silence means problem.

So, yeah. Something has let me down. And I hate it when I have to be uncool and spill out all the things to people around me. I’m sorry 😦 but thanks to those who were listening to me. I just need some piece of mind and time will let me calm down again, that’s it 🙂

Let’s not talk about it then. I’ve did what I can and it’ll be fine though everything seems to be taking much more time than others. But, let’s not keep comparing and relating to the others. And something just remind me that, everyday is a new life. Every brand new life welcomes me with unknown possibilities & chances. No just these, it might be fears and troubles too. But we all do have hopes & wishes we carried from day to day to live a better life right? What are we worrying for? If there is a problem, there is a possibility of solution. If there is a failure, there is a chance to redo either. Well, those words are from the one who being down to keep herself resurface so she won’t be suffocating in the pool of anxieties!  

So what I’ve been doing these days? Let’s list them out 😉

  1. Watching movies

Oh boy! I watched A LOT of movies these days. Ec’s absence was one of the reason *I can’t deny her presence being so much influence 😛 * so I keep myself accompanied by the story loads I downloaded. What I watched?

  • Taken [2008]

Liam Neeson as the main cast. Yeah I know you guys seen the news of his beloved wife just passed away few days ago in a tragic ski accident. This is best action movie I watched this year. It’s not that sci-fi movies which all the stunts were actually computer arranged pictures. Give it a try to those who haven’t seen it yet.

  • Slumdog Millionaire [2008]

A movie about an Indian Muslim guy who won million rupees based on his lifestory experiences. Unlike the typical Hindi films, this one have all elements on it – from love to hatred, from earth to sky, from romance to actions, everything. I agreed this film to win such big awards & being people’s choice movie of the year!

  • Gran Torino [2008]

A little bit melodramatic film starred by Clint Eastwood. Must be seen as slow-moving film to those who used to full-of-action movies, but it is deep with meaning & lesson.

  • Tinker Bell [2008]

Another animation from Walt Disney Pictures. I love it. Though it seems a little too “childish” but the points are obvious. Destiny is there to give you the way, but you’re free to be who you want to be.

And the rest below are the old movies that I just managed to watch :-

– Ice Princess [2005]

– Mulan [1999] & Mulan II [2004]

2. Photoediting

My senior offered me this job. It’s free, but I love it. And I’m too amazed with my persistence & endurance to do this. I’m not that good, but it’s like I never give up to try out new things & figure out what’d improve my works. Man! If only I can apply those to my studies, my life would be much better than now! Here are some sneak peek *because I actually possess no authorities to publicize the pictures. Iman-chan’s Daddy, please never claim any copyrights for this 😛 *


100-day-old Yumiko @ 百日才の由美子

I don’t make wallpapers or posters and just concentrating more on editing the photo itself rather than decorating/adding accessories to the photo. I’m still working on the photos given to me. Still trying my best to give the best pieces 😉
p/s : Isn’t she adorable? No. Too adorable to suit my poor skills of GIMPing!
That’s all from me now. More updates later. See ya. 🙂
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12 thoughts on “hair’s breadth to go

  1. ehhhhh??? is it my browser???????? i cant see da image! *pouts*

    oho…dats alot of movies!!!!
    harmony shud take care of her eyes…so she can watch over me & sepupu + aunty & umma too!!! *tongues*

    harmony… no matter u gonna feel… u hev me to be silly wif^^ jaz tell me wen u dun feel good…so i knoe if i be silly or not^^ hahahaha …

    hev a good day harmony!^^

  2. yay!!!

    i can see it now!!!!

    uhmm is tis like a forum..reply first b-4 able to view?^^ *tongueout* ^^

    soooooo kawaii!!!!!!!!!
    wanna bite her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. arieszai says:

    my long gone for kenduri’s izit? if not YOU will be VERY BUSY promoting JONAS BROTHERS to me until you forgot to do something else…
    & yeah~ promoting your soon-to-be grandson-in-law to your other gdchildern… haish~~ and ur twinnie too!!~~ it’s all ur fault… i kinda say something like this “the middle one looks handsome *while pointing @ jonas brothers*” <<– doing this w/o knowing he is Joe Jonas
    and then.. it’s YOU who introduced me to him… and now… huuuU~~ *runs to Kyle*

    decorating/adding accessories huh??? like adding bubble rite… hahahahaha…

    Yumiko so cute~~~~ too many children around me nowadays… cant help it!!~

  4. arieszai says:

    lala just wanna bite every baby in the world.. cuz she cant stand that they’re cuter than her~~ hahahaha~~~ *teasing lala after a long time MIA*

  5. oho aunty wanna make tis entry super active eh???!!!
    miss me????!!!!!
    shud i teach yumiko to bite u too!!!!!!! wakakaka

  6. arieszai says:

    i’m already immune to bites!!~~ wakakakakakaka

  7. ZaliZabrina says:

    haha, there she comes again..
    missed u larhh..
    I’ve watched Slumdog Millionaire before, and it was brilliant!! and also gross!! remember the scene where amitabh batchan arrived in the heli and at the same time the main character is having p**p? and then he jumped into it, euwww..u know, at that time I was actually eating!!haha

    p/s: ur friends up here are hillarious!

  8. E.V says:

    :: stylite aka sweetie ::

    bwahahahaha. i didn’t set that up (reply to view thingy). maybe it got hang up coz i’ve already UP so many pics into my WP gallery… maybe. and why is it always you wanna bite BABIES? was it my sweetie has changed her species? from BIRDS to VAMPIRES? 😛

    :: ariesai aka Ec ::

    don’t blame me dear. my “mistake” was just introducing Jonas Brothers to you, but falling to Joe Jonas is totally wasn’t my fault! 😛 you did introducing me to Kyle & Big Bang’s Seungri… but i didn’t fall to any! 😛 that’s the different! oh yeah… i can’t fall to those coz they’re already in waiting list of yours! *rofl* never mind. i have my lil bro Nick. that’s more than enough.

    oh btw, should i tell Joe to shut his talkative mouth so that less people will fall to him now on? hahahahahahaha.. kiddin’ Ec!

    yeah… i may be good at editing pic, making it looks better, but not decorating it. maybe…

    :: zalizabrina aka zali ::

    oh my! haha… yeah so grossy but yet he’s so clever or should i say.. tricky. i guess the movie really showed the real life in India – conflict in life covering all scopes. that makes it really sensible and worthable to watch.

    ohoh… somebody missed me *flushed tomato red* hahahaha.. well, thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  9. ZaliZabrina says:

    I’ve seen Taken!! So darn good!!
    I recommend Batman: The Dark Knight, if you haven’t seen them..this is a MUST SEE!! Wicked yet so good!
    And if you’re looking for heart breaking one, try this not-so-old hindustan film Kya Kehna!! haha, I watched it yesterday, and I cried like a babyyy!! 😛 Here’s the link

  10. E.V says:

    The Dark Knight eh?
    i’ve already seen it like for… 3 times.
    and i even have its soundtrack.
    the only FULL OF VIOLENCE movie that i dare to watch in 2008 😛
    i hate Joker character like hell before i see the ending credit.
    i felt really really sorry for Heath Ledger (Joker) until i can’t hate his character when i found out he’s no longer in the world even before the movie released in cinemas.
    i guess a little tiny fact can change a world to me?
    *rolling eyes*

  11. ZaliZabrina says:

    yup, I knew about his I kinda didn’t feel the hatred..hehe
    Anyway, good that you’ve seen them..great movie huh!

  12. E.V says:

    totally great movie 🙂

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