Long journey to go

April 6th

This was my first day in research lab. I can’t have my eyes shut in peace for the rest of the last night – overthinking again. So I am a little bit sleepy & lousy… and nervous at the same time. I brought my laptop and external hard disc together as if my research going to be started as soon as I arrived.

I made it early – by 9.45 am I’m already entering Material Chemistry building. Just a few students caught insight and school is obviously not starting yet. Yeah, the earlier ones must be masters & phD students, no doubt at all. And then I saw few boys near my research lab. I could see Isaka-san (D3) shifting himself from student’s room to lab.

I’ve been wandering around just to procrastinate. Looks like I’ve been there too early. Minutes by minutes passed. And I decided to greet Takahashi Sensei, my daddy. Abe-san (D1) showed me the places – student’s rooms. There are two – one is like inside the laboratory so you aren’t allowed to eat & drink while you’re working in there and it’ll be tough (cold) when it comes to winter. 2 seats available. Another room is seemed comfortable. Smaller but warmer. And I was told the room is “merrier” (what else would you expect in the room of 6 guys?). I randomly chose the latter while waiting the rest of my lab members come.

I was sitting there alone for about 5 minutes before Kaori-chan & Tanaka-kun arrived. Kaori-chan is one year older than me – we’re the same extend students and we were in the same class before, that’s what make us become close faster than I thought, I guess?! And Tanaka is a shy boy – my junior he supposed to be. Quiet, but generous with smiles.

We were gathered in zemi (seminar) room for a briefing. I thought we will decide the titles for our research straight away in that briefing but since Kaori-chan is going for an interview right after that and only will return at 3 pm and the other boy is missing too for the same reason as well, the process delayed to this evening.

I bit my tongue a lot during self introduction session. Yeah I know my adrenalines betrayed me a lot since this morning, but I guess others too did the same. Just not too obvious. After the self-intro, my daddy talked on “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” and the rules applied in our lab. Well I guess some of you know this well – I have to be in lab (or student’s room) from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm everyday. Works or no works, that is the “core time” you have to be in school. You can slip earlier if you have urgents, but almost all the time this one is fixed.

After the briefing finished at about 10.30 am, we’re free to do whatever we want until 3 pm. Oh man! I thought we’d be busy but we ended up doing nothing … because we too don’t know what to do on our first day lab.

Kawasaki (M1) came to our room asking us on nomi-kai. He’s the one welcoming me before. We’re from the same batch actually but now he’s the super kind senior to me. Seems like he knows about my religion prohibits me from alcohol & stuffs so he came to ask personally what I can consume & what I can’t. He seemed worry about that but he wants me to be there on that nomi-kai.

And owh. I know he missed the chance to ask me all sorts of things before – how did I came here, what brought me here to Japan, how’s like my homeland, the cultures etc. etc. etc. We talked a lot while Tanaka is just being an obedient listener. He reminds me of Matsui, the only boy who has guts to asked all sorts of stuffs to me 4 years ago. Just Kawasaki happened to be the same lab as me and guess what? He’s doing the same research as mine (I should’ve wrote it opposite – “I’m doing the same research as his”. 😛 ) Wow. That means he’s my senior, really is.

Emmm… he’s just too nice. I’m afraid I’m troubling him too much from now on, especially right after I knew we’re doing same theme for research, which means most of my experiments will be guided by him 😦

What? No, I’m not exaggerating about him. All the lab members do know him and no one denying the fact he’s kind. Others are kind too but not as much as him. Oh I can’t forget his troubled face this evening about his difficulties finding the right place for nomikai. I should have said, I won’t mind just to come, sit & drink some juice while chatting with others in case my meal became the problem instead of the real intention of nomikai is just to let everyone gathered and to know each other more.

Until very end of the day in lab, I still didn’t realize that the one sitting next to me is Yasuda (M1). He’s missing from the last month’s briefing and only back like one hour before I’m leaving today. It’s like we’re together in few student’s labs before but today we’re acting like not known each other…. weird huh? And the only bridge to connect us is Kaori-chan. Maybe because Kaori-chan is the eldest. And there’s Satou (M1) too – another guy that I’m not really familiar and get along well up to today. Things might change tomorrow, right?

How it will be tomorrow? According to my daddy, we’ll start our research bit by bit by tomorrow. And Kawasaki already asking… more to offering a hand. Huhu. Arigatou, senpai. Yoroshiku ne. m(_ _)m

My research theme? I’m doing a research on how to make a High Intensity Ceramic Porous Particle using the waste/refusal of Inorganic Material. Sounds so complicated and so eco-like research isn’t it? Pray for my success guys. Wish me luck!

We’ll be back 🙂


9 thoughts on “Long journey to go

  1. arieszai says:

    kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~ ev chan’s first day at lab!!~ not really 1st day actually… haha..

    i dont know what D1, D3, M1, M3 means though… puahahahaha

    good luck and gambare ev!!~ fighto oh~

    p/s :: so u can see kawasaki everyday~~ ekekekekek *just wanna create new lab affair thou* 😛

  2. E.V says:

    long time didn’t see u here! 🙂
    we used to use that abbreviation here.
    D for “Doctor” as for those doing phD
    M for “Master” as for those doing master course
    arigatou ec!
    kawasaki is my junior from the age, but my senior from the experience.
    lab affair huh?
    better not!

  3. ZaliZabrina says:

    D1 means Doctor 1 year, and M3 means Master 3rd year..am I rite?
    wow..new friends!!! I’m excited for you!! ganbarou na~~~
    kawasaki, ii otoko janai kaaaa…*wink2*

  4. E.V says:

    :: zali ::

    yeah. you’re right. thanks for the explanation. i’ve missed it since we’re too used of it already here 🙂

    uh huh. yeah. new friends…. seniors & juniors should i say 😛 hahahahaha… mecha kucha ii otoko da ne Kawasaki tte. ii otoko dakedo ne 😛

  5. arieszai says:

    *mengacau kt bloggie org lg*

    hoohohhoho~~ ada org tambah2 lak.. ekekekekek!!~~

    oho~~ gitu ka… doc and master student… IC ^^

    ntahnya ev nih~ apa salahnya menambahkan affair kt lab.. br semangat nak pi lab hari2… puahahahahaha 😀

  6. E.V says:

    *rollin’ on the floor*
    well, having nice senpai & frens at school will help me building up my confidence & regaining my courage in study, that’s the absolute thing.
    but not to the point having affair i guess 😛

    p/s : all 6 of us (M1 2 people + M2 one + 3 of us 4th yr students) went to have our lunch together today. and kawasaki brought bento (lunch pack) from home. oh boy! should i consider bring bento too next time? 😛

  7. aethia321 says:

    Wow~! Rubi wrote such a long entry… but after reading it the only thing I can say it… Hwaiting rubi! Wishing you the best of luck for everything you do from here on. *lame me*

    You met some new friends. That’s good.

    I can’t help laughing when I reached the word ‘nomikai’. Cuz when i read it my mind somehow translate it to this cantonese word of the similar pronunciation. *a food name* :P. Sorry about that.

    Aigoo~ Echah wanna stir up a lab affair. Haha, rubi has better things to worry about now. Seeing the title of the research enough to make my head spinning.

    Kawasaki…? Another ‘K’ XP

    Haha, enough blabbering from me. Good luck for your research rubi!

  8. arieszai says:

    ev!!~ bwk la bento… bole suap menyuap ngan kawasaki *rofl*
    *sengaja nak tambah2kan lagi affair yg tak wujud*

    haishhhh~~~ ec nih nak adik ipaq international tau ev… cari la mamat jepun ka, omputih ka… okie?

  9. E.V says:

    bergegar segunung intan satnih kalu suap menyuap gitu.
    earthquake 6 at richter scale rasanya 😛
    ec nih!!!!
    adik ipaq eh?

    p/s : asai ev selalu kena gosip ngn yg lebe muda dr dri seniri eh?

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