Sweet Daddy, but not a SUGAR daddy!

April 7th

I woke up at 8 am today, exactly the same as yesterday. But somehow I took more time to get myself prepared. I was working on Antivirus Software all the night because our lab required every PC to be used in here (internet connection) must have the proper antivirus software installed. If not, the connection can’t be made. I used to use Norton AVS before, but it was expired and the renewal service too reached its due. That means I have to purchase a new software. I know it won’t cost that much and I would save a lot in my final year coz everything will be sponsored by lab (even lab notes and pendrives are given for FREE), but it’s not really necessary to me. So I’m kind of refused to buy a new one until Isaka-san made a suggestion to buy one new software to be shared by several people, which is sure economically good.

So. Back to the story. I arrived at about 7 minutes before 10 am. There’ just Sakai-san & Kaori-chan in the room when I arrived. I know Isaka-san already in the lab, so I’m the last person. I heard Iida spent his night at the lab and Kawasaki already doing his experiments. I felt a little …. coz I left earliest and arrive latest. Bad me huh? But unexpectedly, we have nothing to do, even though I arrived a bit late than anyone else.

After doing nothing for half an hour, my Daddy asked me to come to his room for the explanations on my research. And I started doing experiment right after the explanations done – fully observed and supervised by Daddy. There’s one thing happened. Daddy holds two small crucibles* in his hand but one of them slipped and nearly fall. We tried to catch it. Instead of being worry both of them will fall into pieces, we’re laughing and I only realized I cried his name “Sensei!~~~” too loud to raise others attention. Phew~ Safe.

Daddy was being too kind and detailed. Like he would tell everything I should and I shouldn’t from the largest thing to the tiniest ones. And ohhhh. I troubled Sakai-san a lot today when he’s teaching me how to use the reactor, how to set the profile of reaction, timing and temperature etc. Gomen nasai Sakai-san m(_ _)m

They were two persons I troubled a lot today – my Daddy and Sakai-san (M2). And today for the first time Yomogida (4th yr) talked to me first. He surely been thinking about questions to ask! 😛 Isaka-san (D3) too is nicer than I thought 😛 Abe-san (D1) too, actually. Just those 3… maybe because they hardly appear in front of me? So we’re not really get along well.

Oh yeah. I got the copy of Kawasaki’s thesis for graduation last year. And my task tonite is to look & read thru the thesis in 37 sheets. I’ve already slipped my eyes thru every pages while I’m at the lab this evening, but not thoroughly.

What’s tomorrow? Gotta wait my report.

p/s :

 Crucible (n) : Melting pot which substances are heated to high temperatures (usually made by porcelain) 


7 thoughts on “Sweet Daddy, but not a SUGAR daddy!

  1. arieszai says:

    wah~~~~~~~~ ev 2nd day!!~

    hmmm… mmg gitu la kn.. br 1st time nak guna… kalo dah penah guna pn, kena peringat blk cara nak guna… alat2 kt lab nih bukannya murah, ada yg berpuluh2 ribu ringgit (malaysia)

    kalo ec dulu ada lab assist… mcm ev nih Sensei sendirik yg ajaq.. hohohohoho!!~ bertuah3333 XD
    bertambah2 la syg kt sensei idak?

    asai 2-3 hari nih ec suka balaih dlm BM… hahahahaha.. layan~~~~~~

  2. aethia321 says:

    Wah~! Glad rubi has her ‘daddy’ to help her so much.

    37 sheets? Wow! That seems a lot. Hwaiting rubi!

  3. oho my harmony gotta sweet dada??!!! careful wif sugars & sweets… grandpa nick gotta type2 diabetes rite??? puahahahaha

    goodluck harmony!!! wif ur lab affairs!!!! puahahaha lab labby lovey dooo!!!! jaz my silly randoms!!! ahahaha

  4. E.V says:

    :: Pheb ::

    yeah 37 sheets quite a lot when it comes to all about my research. but since i’ve seen it while i’m free in lab earlier and the main purpose i was given the thesis is only to see the guideline of the research, i know i’m supposed to not feeling pressured or tensed by the thesis. maybe thinking it as one of the most completed lab report i’ve ever seen might help 🙂

    p/s : i’ve ever got my lab report reached 37 sheets too before.

    :: Sweetie ::

    haha. corection : Not Type 2 Diabetes, he’s Type 1 dear.

    Type 2 : Insulin can’t digest the overtaken glucose, so we say “insulin malfunctionized by the glucose” but,

    Type 1 : Glucose concentration in blood increases because Insulin is already malfunctionized by the unknown facts (they said so).

    ehem *clears throat* some biology notes there everybody 😛

    haha. “some affair” huh? come to think of it, i only knew the “unfortunate guy” right before i got into the lab 😛 aishhh too serius too soon!

  5. ZaliZabrina says:

    maji hontouno otousan mitai ni nacchatta jan~~hihi
    looks like you’re having the best time of your life..maybe your opinion about japanese also can change from now on huh? 😀

  6. E.V says:

    yeah… maybe 😛
    demo, Kawasaki ni suki ni nacchattara “hidoi” kamo 😛

  7. ZaliZabrina says:

    hidoi tte..:-P
    possibility is always there 😀

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