Journey has just begun…

Warning : To those who do not have learned Chemistry or Chemistry related, you are suggested not to read the contents below for they may cause eternal headache & severe confuse! 😛

April 8th

3rd day of lab. Calcinated (900 degree celcius, 24 hours) IZC* (Itomuka Zinc Calcine) ready to be mixed with Titanium Oxide. Again, Daddy was there from the very early start; telling what to do next and suggesting what to do in details. And today I was alone in the room. Isaka-san (D3) was around but keep disappearing intermittently. And Kaori (B4) didn’t appear until 10.28 am. She was late by 28 minutes supposed to be if she came now. Later I got her email telling that she had a severe headache even after she took her medicine. She tend to come late for she might rest a while, waiting if her condition may be better. Hours passed and another email came said that she will be absent today.

I started the work at about 3 pm. Daddy was there along the experiment – he did half of the processes which done step by step. I also guided by Isaka-san (D3) and Onii-chan* (=Sakai-san (M2)) on few steps. And hu~~~~ Onii-chan was scolded by Daddy when Daddy found out some aluminum folds left in the dryer. The aluminum folds were used to cover the substance/instruments but someone left them on the dryer and Daddy cautioned it might fall into the machine (not really dangerous but it may decrease the machine’s effectiveness). I felt a little bad. It’s like because I was under Daddy observation, all the “supposed-to-be-not-revealed things” were revealed – other examples : instruments were left dirty, reagents were placed in disorder etc. And I started to blame myself when Daddy got mad, AGAIN. That was when I am going to put the ready sample on the rotary machine in the high pressure-high temperature room (let’s abbreviate it to HP-HT room). On the board, the name “Kawasaki” was written (means Kawasaki is now using the room, supposed to be it’s unlocked) but when Daddy and I reached there, the room was pitch black and unexpectedly locked. Daddy was seemed mad at that – Kawasaki was supposed to erase his name from the board so that we know he’s not using the room any longer and we would bring the spare key with us! Gomen ne Kawasaki 😦 I think everyone will has their “forgot” moments at least once in their life. But your case just the bad luck at the “wrong” time.

I thanked and apologized to Onii-chan before leaving. Yasuda (M1) lowered his head to me when I said “Osaki ni” (I’m leaving first) though I thought he can’t hear me (he’s wearing earphone at that time :P). I wish I could say sorry to Kawasaki too, but he’s not around at that time… 😦

April 9th

5 minutes before 10 am. But to my surprise nobody’s insight when I entered the room. Arkk! Satou (M1) was there – hiding behind the table. He greeted me with “Ohayou!~” first – wow! First time “talk” to me? 😀 This is a good thing. Uh huh. Not just that. Then, “Kono heya tte atsukunai ssu ka?” (Don’t you think this room is a little hot?) he asked. He was about to open the window but I said “Atsukunai desu” by mistake so he stopped doing so. “Ak. Atsukunai ssu ka. Jya ii” (oh not that hot, eh? ok fine) while shifting to his place back. “Shoujiki ni iu to atsui desu yo” (But honestly it’s hot actually) I said then, and he was laughing hardly. Oh great… this is GREAT. I wasn’t made him talking, but laughing too! 🙂 Yeah, the perfect start. I got someone to talk to today. He was asking me few things where our conversations continue till Kawasaki came. “Ohayou” he greeted first and then sat next to me, as usual. Well, it’s actually between me & Satou (coz Satou sit next to me in the room). After asking a question to Satou (about their Master course lectures) then suddenly he asked, “Rubi, tabemono nani ga suki?” (Rubi, what’s your fave food?” I took few blinks to answer. Isn’t he straightforward? *rofl* He must be thinking hard again for our next week’s nomikai 😦 Sorry dear. I troubled you a lot from the beginning. Nice. Now we three in the conversation 😉

And later I was happened to know that the notice on our nomikai is already on the whiteboard behind me – board where all the stuffs about our lab are written/hung. The nomikai will take place in a restaurant where Kawasaki previously worked for (part time job). And according to Abe-san (D1) Kawasaki’s asked the owner to make sth “special” for me – something that I can eat without doubts and worries I can eat or not! Ahhhh… Kawasaki! Soko made yannakute ii yo! Maji kandou shichatta wa *forehead creased*

p/s : sorry i won’t translate that! 😛  

Aishhhh! That Kawasaki! Yesterday he was pretending to be “sulking” to me and then ended up “lectured” by Daddy. Today he was back to his super caring attitude… Gee! Yabai!! Maji suki ni naru kamo! 😛 (won’t translate this one too!)

Ok. Enough about Kawasaki. Back to my research. I’m done with the first three samples that I have to do. There are three other samples to do next, only after I’m done with these three samples (including the evaluation and stuffs) first. I hope everything will be fine.

I just realized one BIG thing I missed. Even though my research is about the same to Kawasaki’s, but actually the materials we used and the purpose of using those ARE completely different. Daddy must have thinking it properly so no repeated research will be done in history and I would have the chance to be creative in thinking – nobody would know why I use those and what’s the result, even Daddy himself (even he might already have the hypothesis based on his experiences). So! Good luck to me. Good luck to you too, Kawasaki-chan! 😛

p/s : Gotta call Sakai-san “Onii-chan” (Big Bro) from now on! 🙂

My research lab students room
My research lab student’s room

 My Place is the second from the window. ^^



8 thoughts on “Journey has just begun…

  1. arieszai says:

    wah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ev’s full report on her lab experiment!!!
    so no more sleepy or nap in class now huh? ekekekek
    but there might be one…. always hungry stomach in class (i heard so many times from u b4 ’bout this ^^)
    no prob if you taken ur breakfast first thing in the morning… rite?

    i think everybody will feel the same… absorbed in research from morning till evening (lab assist used had to call me to wrap-up ALL my substance and go home – its already passed 5pm everyday :P)
    but u got no lab assist… i mean REAL lab assist… usually Phd and Master student dont need lab assist, but bachelor need help (not with everything, but with certain lab apparatus)

    well… good luck ev!!~~ gambatte!!~

    hahahhaha… si kawasaki tuh amek berat kt bi pasai dia penah bekerja ngan bi.. sebab tuh la ^^
    ka mcm si edward, buat2 ‘cold’ tp dlm ati sapa la tau kn? dah lama2 pikiaq br la sedaq… 😛 *buat gosip lagi* ekekekek

  2. arieszai says:

    owh.. salah org eyh…. okies
    tp mmg la si saki nih baik org nya ^^

  3. E.V says:

    :: ec ::

    haha. wanna know why I said he was sulking with me yesterday? coz I came to the lab (he has no student room, just staying at the back of the lab) from the back door to check the reactor (i have to open its door to help the cooling faster when the temperature reached 150 degree) and he greeted me “Ohayou” and straightforwardly asked, “Is there sth wrong?” I said “Nothing. (Just) nobody’s inside my room (so I came here)” and you know what he replied? “Ah. I think there’s few people on that side” *pointing at the opposite side of the room where other students were sitting* Gahhh. When I was leaving the lab, my silly mind randomly thought this. “What if I said, I came to the lab because I wanted to see you?” <—-sure jatuh tergolek kawasaki dr kerusinya! 😛

  4. E.V says:

    :: ec ::

    yes. the one worked with me in Biology lab before was Kazuki (kazuki is his own name, not the surname) and Kawasaki (kawasaki is his surname, his real name? can’t be told here! 😛 ) is just happened to speak to me for the first time on Open Lab day. Well, he was kind from that day. Like telling everything about the lab though the lab wasn’t his choice actually. so i have the thought from the very 1st, if i’m in this lab, he’d be the perfect senior and daddy would be the perfect sensei ever. all the praises to Him, He heard my thought i guess 😉

  5. arieszai says:

    yeah!!~ PERFECT!!!~ as my soon-to-be harabuji too *another tease*

  6. E.V says:

    :: ec ::

    ha ha. aishhhhh. no no. too dangerous gossip ever… for the rest of my life! coz he’s the one i meet everyday. at least once a day! 😛 better get myself farther from him after this! hahahahahahahhaa!

  7. ZaliZabrina says:

    kawasaki-kun no koto suki ni nacchatta kana??kakaka
    *I won’t translate that too hikhik*
    It’s good to hear you’re doing good there..
    gambatte~~(in lab and also in kawasaki-kun thing, hoho)

  8. E.V says:

    :: zalizabrina @ zali ::

    got another gossiper here *sighs* 😛
    haha.. what am saying up there?
    ganbarimasu! 😉

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