Kawasaki senpai, yoroshiku!

April 10th

Finally the last day of the 1st week, the 5th day. I was late! Like half an hour. As soon as I arrived, I made my way to the lab and started my work, without even change my shoes to sandal (our lab rule to wear just sandal)! Daddy didn’t guide me this time since yesterday. I made those samples by my own. When I feel like I’m forgetting something, I simply referred my notes. And for strong confirmation, I simply asked Abe-san (he’s always there in the lab).

I moved to the next material : Orange Mud, replacing the IZC I used in three samples before. Since the mud was so rough so I need to grind it. Daddy suggested me to wear the mask, but unfortunately I can’t hang it on my face coz I’m wearing scarf! Oh well, I put the mask on the table, gave up to wear it and continue my work.  The ground mud later will be calcinated at 700 degree celcius (like IZC before). So Daddy asked Kawasaki to guide me on using the reactor, in case I’ve forgotten how to use it (since I only used it once, so far). I expected the grinding (which was done FULLY by hands) will take about an hour, and I thought Kawasaki would just stay at his seat until I call for his help. But as soon as Daddy left, he came to me – observing like a senior (oh well, he’s really a senior). I’m just asking his opinion on few things – like “how fine should I grind the mud?”, “were you using the same composition too last year?” etc and then he offered to do grinding a bit.

He was searching the mask for me without realizing I abandoning one on my table. And when I told him I can’t wear it, Abe-san walked out of the room for a while. When he’s back, he got me some rubber bands to bind the two mask’s ends so I can wear it. How sweet Uncle! *got new nick for Abe-san! 😛 * Kawasaki was laughing hard when I tried to put it on. Trying to be cute again~ *sighs*

And yeah. He zipped his mouth tight (as what Daddy asked him to – just “support” me, don’t do it for me) during the process of setting the reactor (temperature & time). Great! I still have some minor things unclear about the reactor and he gave in – lending hands to help! 😛 Gomen ne.

And somehow I finished making three 1st samples (IZC + Titanium Oxide) and now already started with the purification of Orange Mud (wastes of Seikan Tunnel – the tunnel that connect Hokkaido & Aomori, if I’m not mistaken).

P/S :

this is for Ec! 😛

Kawasaki brought his bento again today. He just chuckling when I mentioned about his bento.


6 thoughts on “Kawasaki senpai, yoroshiku!

  1. arieszai says:

    wah~~~~~~~~~~~~~ so sweet!!!!~~ both ur senpai!!~ abe & saki
    yeah! grinding part quite hard… cuz u have to do it manually >_<
    hohohohho~~ is he trying to be cute OR its just u who realized that he’s cute? *winks*

    wah~~~~~~ bento!!!!~ rajen betoi mamat nih… sah2.. ec luluskan mamat nih jadi harabuji br ec!!~ *sengaja nak habaq kt satu keluarga WP* 😀

  2. E.V says:

    :: ec ::

    “is he trying to be cute OR its just u who realized that he’s cute? *winks*”

    – i don’t know. maybe all that “cute” stuffs he did are originally part of him, just i never seen them before (we’re not that close earlier). and now we’re like in one family = family of InOrganic Synthesis Lab 🙂

    puahahahahahaahaha. he’s really down to earth boy isn’t he? harabuji-to-be examinations PASSED already huh? *rofl*

  3. ZaliZabrina says:

    haha, haraboji-to-be ka yo~~
    ii jan ii jan~~
    saikin, kawasaki-kun no koto ooi ne..yappari suki na no kana~~

  4. E.V says:

    yasashii kara dare demo suki ya nai ka? 😛

  5. arieszai says:

    *tujuan membalas adalah untuk mengeruhkan keadaan*
    yeah!!~~~ rubi mmg suka kt si saki tuh… puahahahahaha

    yeah!!!~~~ passed with flying colors!!~ ^^

  6. E.V says:

    haha.. just “like” i guess.
    like my junior said, it’s hard to find a nice one in these days! 😛

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