Similar but not the same…

April 16th

The dullest day ever since I’ve entered research lab. Well yeah. It’s again remind me that, I’m the one with can’t stand the nothingness. I prefer to be busy, dying because of the weariness of working rather than “weary” of doing nothing all day long!

My duty today is, to take out the dried sample (last sample for now) from the dryer – transfer it into a sample bag and then finish for all! Whatta. That would only takes 15 minutes and I still have 6 hours and 45 minutes left! What am goinna do?

I’ve calculated it from home, so today I brought my lappy to school. Not for studying purpose, but just to accompany me from ended up sleeping there. You know guys, I even finished watching movies waiting for the clock turned 5! I spent my day at my table for 6 hours… can you imagine it? Yeah, no just sit & watching movies or listening to music, but I actually translating texts for our seminar.

April 17th

I have the symptoms of cold again. The changing temperature is one of the factor I guess – lose my appetite, throat ache, head-spinning and stuffs. I almost gave up my thought to go to school today, but I insisted to go since I’ve promised to Daddy I’m going to the next step ; sample formation (we made our sample into tablet form before the evaluation [X-Ray & SEM]) and Daddy personally asked Uncle (Abe-san) to guide & observe me all the way, so I’m kind of feeling guilty IF my health is only the reason for me to give up.

I arrived a lil’ late – almost everyone was there except Kaori. I rushed to the lab and found Uncle wasn’t there! Oh my! Was he wait for me? When I’m back to student room, Uncle was there. Thank goodness!

Uncle guided me like Daddy – very detail & precise in every single thing. Since all the machines & stuffs are in the Solid State Chem. Lab, I’ve spent my whole day there, with the rest of the students from this lab.

Note : Solid State Chem. Lab is just next to our lab!

I took too much time for the first sample – yeah I haven’t used to it yet. We did it once in student experiment like 2 years ago, but of course at that time most of the works weren’t done by us ourselves – more like T.A did it for us.  And I spilled the almost done sample on the table – the unpure sample can’t be used anymore, but Uncle was so nice to let me finish the steps and take it as a test to see the texture of the sample once made into tablet. Phew. Thanks Uncle.

We talked a lot too. His sense of humor always killing me! Even though my head was spinning & I kept coughing & sneezing, but his jokes kept me “holding on” there. He even suggested me foods that might be good during cold – all the simple recipes & basic Japanese cuisine (yeah they’re all SIMPLE, that’s the best thing about Japanese meal!!) which I can make it at home. Again, THANKS Uncle! 🙂 *I don’t understand which part of him is scary?*

By the second tablet of second sample, Uncle already left me alone in the lab coz I can handle the things by myself without guidance any longer. That’s me I guess. I took a lil’ longer time to adapt/get used into NEW things, but once I adapted, I am more skillful than my supervisor! 😛 

Owh! I shouldn’t say Uncle left me alone. I’m with Nihei (B4) , the boy from Solid State Chem. Lab that happened to do his stuff JUST RIGHT BESIDE me! Why on earth must we share the same table, same place and same time on the same day? Don’t ask me the answer(s). I don’t have it(’em) either! 😛 In the previous year, we always sit on the front row of the same section when it comes to the big lecture hall. Either him in the one row in front, or behind we always together. And now what? He “followed” me to be the next-door-guy in lab and even next-seat in experiment? My goodness! This is more than CO-INCIDENCE! 😛 

We didn’t talk to each other coz we have our own commitments – our experiments! He seldom talked to his friend which came intermittently. And I talked to Uncle too when he came to check if everything goes on well with me. The funny part was! When I am DONE with my sample formation and I have to call Uncle (he asked me to) and he would lift the machine from the table back to its origin for me (he prohibits me to lift that machine, he said too HEAVY for a girl like me to carry it! 😛 ). So I left my stuffs on the table and ran back to our lab with the DONE samples alone.

When I’m back with Uncle to that lab, Nihei was sitting on my chair (very next to his experiment set actually and I was like the disturbing-stuff sitting there all the time) and he tried to stand up before I realized he was sitting there (I can see he’s rushing to stand up). But he was too late! I saw him earlier so that when he did so, I can’t help myself from burst into chuckle! And he was chuckling too, showing all his front teeth while eyes downcast – perhaps a little flushed by the incident? 😀

Oh well. That’s the story for today. I’ll be in that lab again this Monday to finish the rest of the left samples. I have to make 6 tablets for each sample, I have 6 types of samples that means 36 tablets in sum! Phew! Good luck to me to finish all the samples this Monday! 😉

[This is for Ec]

Regarding my entry title, I have taken quite long time to analyze & recognize this. Yeah coz I’m usually not looking at people (especially guy) when I’m talking to them, no need to say when I’m NOT talking to. Just like a few seconds, and then I’d switch my sight to other place. So! Ec, you’ve asked me how Kawasaki looks like, aren’t ya? Here’s the BIGGEST hint ever. Not that alike but some part it is. Expecially the face on chin area. Or maybe the way his back hair flows on his nape. He’s alike to …. *drum roll* …… *deep breath ec* ….. *open your eyes wider* ….. *believe in what your eyes will see right after this* … Changmin!

Hahahahahaha. Seriusly. I wonder why I NEVER thought so, though sometimes I think he really looks like someone (artist/celebrity) I know. I’ve abandoned Tohoshinki too much huh? Can’t even remember our Ec’s FIRST HUBBY’S FACE anymore! 😛


4 thoughts on “Similar but not the same…

  1. arieszai says:

    So… that’s why… similar but not the same huh?
    My first hubby… that i almost.. errrr.. nearly abundant… around his chin.. hohohohoho

    36 tablets!!!~ kyaaaaa!!!!~ i am still excited!!!!!~ gambarou ev!!~

    p/s :: send my love to my coming soon to be harabuji okie? ^^

  2. E.V says:

    The abundant hubby, poor him! 😛
    Send your LOVE huh?

  3. harmonyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oho… harmony got La-BORED eh???*lol* ~poor attempt @ word play on lab~ *red cheecks* too bad….astronomer godottie wasnt able to predict it wif ur stars…wakakaka
    ohhhhhhh a changmin-chin lookalike??!!!! i wonder if he can mismatched his eyes & lips too!!!^^
    anywies…jaz poppin’ here @ ur WP to see how ya doing^^
    wish u luck in skewl & lab stuffs^^
    ja ne^^ till later^^

  4. E.V says:

    i think he can sweetie, just me never stare at him while he smiling or making some weird expressions on his face! 😛
    but the more i see his side-look the more he looks like changmin!
    oh my goodness!
    whatta do?
    *eyes rollin’*

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