Givin’ in…

April 20th

I woke up at 7.15 am with my head spinning and severe throat aching – without a hesitation, I grabbed my keyboard and key in two emails – one to Daddy and another to Prof. Shimada, my Solid Chemistry class’ teacher, stating my health condition and my apologies to skip today’s lab/class. Finished typing the emails, I’m back to bed until 10 am.

I’m out to immigration to take my new visa and then made my way to Eastern Ward Office to renew my residency. Done with both, I’m back home and cooked something while waiting for my junior came. She has an examination that will be held here in Sapporo tomorrow so that she’ll be staying at my house for 2 nights. My bad, coz she came at the time I’m in bad health condition, there’s nothing I could do about that!

I knew I should’ve take some medicines before goinna bed, but I’m afraid those paracetamols would make me oversleep thus miss the X-Ray Educational Training I have tomorrow. No excuses will be accepted and even coming late will be strictly prohibited. So I have to make sure I’ll be in school earlier than usual (I better to, with my condition now I’d take longer time to move).

April 21st

To be honest, I couldn’t really sleep with the feeling of others’ presence – that’s my natural behavior I guess, nothing I could do about it either. I woke up at 7, taking my bath and got myself prepared to school. The refreshed feeling swept away the dizziness momentarily, but who knows once I arrived at school, the drizzle turned into rain and I got my spin-head back! No just rain, it’s winding heavily too! And I have to move from Engin. to Clark Dorm. which about 500 metres in distance! Whatta day!

I fell asleep for about 30 minutes during the training. Though it’s said a “training” but all we did are listening to the non-stop speech on our seats without even move an inch while we have our eyes locked on the slides on the big screen in the dim lighting! Whatta perfect situation to sleep! Of course it’s extra comfortable because it’s raining outside!

And yeah. Finally the sleepy boring 2 hours ended. On my way out, I saw our boys – Yasuda, Iida, Kawasaki & Satou (ALL M1) . I planned to drop by to say hello but I gave up and walked pass them first – thought that I won’t bump in to any one of them, while a thought was just a thought. When I was trying to find my bic (at the place where I thought I parked by bic), Kawasaki was there looking at me as to say something. Oh yeah, to say “Ohayou”. See? You better go on with your FIRST thought – to greet him/them!

There you go. My dizzy continues when I’m back to our lab. When Kaori asked me for lunch and I turned her down politely, the reality about my health condition was revealed, and then everyone seriusly asked me to go back and rest properly at home. Oh my goodness! Even Isaka-san (D3) volunteered himself to inform Daddy about me going home when I found Daddy wasn’t at his room at that time. How sweet lab members I have, haven’t I?

 April 22nd

When I woke up this morning I still have the hesitations – t0 go to school or not. And then I opened the replied email sent by Daddy to me on Monday. A very simple email that contained usual words.

“I understood your condition. If the fever doesn’t decrease, you may take the break until Tuesday. Take care of yourself.”

I know today is Wednesday. That means the email isn’t “valid” to me anymore. But the words somehow helped me make my final decision – to go to school today, though I’m still feeling dizzy at that time. I arrived early – 9.45 am. First person I saw is Yasuda (M1) but he didn’t greet me. And then the first person I talked to is Kawasaki (M1). I can see all my room members already around. I waited until the clock turned to 10 so that I can start my lab for today. Michi (B4) already in the lab and he’s already started his work! No wonder I didn’t see Isaka-san (D3) in the student room – he’s already incharge guiding Michi.

I’m back to Solid State Chem. Lab again today. I don’t know if he’s really smiling to me or I was hallucinating him doing so, but I saw Nihei (B4) the next-lab-boy again there. I managed to finish my 4th sample’s formation at around 11.30 am, though I thought I took longer time than before but it’s really faster. I stopped there for today as I wanted to continue doing my translation (preview) for our 輪講 (start at 3 pm).

But due to the less people available today, Daddy cancelled our 輪講. Oh my! Thank goodness! I don’t really mind if it’s on or off, but I prefer to have more rest in this not-yet-really-well condition.

We have our first 雑誌会 today – a seminar where two persons (on their turn) have to present the jounal/thesis they’ve chosen (from internet etc.) in front of everyone, including Prof. & Associate Prof. I never thought it would be damn tiring though I’m just a listener, not yet a presentor! Thank goodness, the two hours seminar finally ended!


t h i s  IS  f o r  M Y  Ec

Kawasaki’s real name wasn’t Yuuya. It’s read as T o m o y a. And yeah, today someone asked the question you asked me to ask him – does he really make the bento himself? Y E S, he is. Kya~~~~ *wontcha said so, Ec? 😛 *


2 thoughts on “Givin’ in…

  1. arieszai says:

    3 days report from ev…. so many works to do… hohohohoho

    \\ omo!!~ really???? Tomoya .. tomo-kun 😛 *imagining ev calling him like that* 😛
    but yuuya really fit his personality rite? maybe its 2 in 1… ekekekek

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