We Are Family!

April 30th

O my! It’s already the end of April 😮 How fast time has flown!

Big Bro (Isaka-san [D3]) won’t be around today (I knew it earlier) but I never knew his presence is really a HUGE influence on us. We normally spend our time in student room non-talking to each other rather than I ask him the things I have to ask – usually experiment/research related matters ONLY. He’s really BIG senior to me, I respect him thus I feel awkward if I say nonsense to him. He’s from Osaka and he is not excluded from being talkative (I know it from my experience) and friendly to everyone. So everyone’s in LONELY mode when he isn’t around the whole day. Even though he won’t spend his time in the student room neither in the lab the whole day, but to know he’s in school alone is more than enough to build up everyone’s mood.

O yeah I’m lonely. He’s my neighbor – in real life & in the lab! Seeing his seat is empty and his desktop is pitched black all day is like an unreal thing! *I knew I over exaggerating it already* Especially because I feel we’ve been a little closer these days since we worked together lately (I asked him on guiding things). The long experienced & broadened knowledge of him would make it the perfect choice to ask things but I realize this very LONG time ago – not because you know so many things so you can help people, but the willingness of you to help is the key. Of course you can’t help others if you know nothing, but still if you have the will to help, there’s always a way 🙂 That’s what Big Bro taught and really did to me. Thanks a lot Big Bro!

Since Big Bro isn’t around today, he asked Suzuki-san (M2) to help me on X-Ray Diffraction (XRD). I felt a little uneasy at first, coz I hardly talk to Suzuki-san (he’s in separate room to us) all this while but one good thing is, this gotta be the great chance to get close to everyone in the lab – ain’t I? We are FAMILY, remember? 😉 *really BIG family with just 2 sisters 😛 *

So me that came too early today (arrived at 9.30 am, only Onii-chan [Sakai-san, M2 was there]) waited for Suzuki-san before we get into work. It might be because it’s my first time doing the XRD, so I can only manage to do 2 samples’ diffraction in 2 hours! Totally like what Big Bro told me (He really experienced isn’t he? Can perfectly estimated the time!) That’s because I have to crush the sintered tablets (they’re DAMN hard you know! HARDER than metal!) into very fine powder first before it can be used for XRD. Phew~ Thank goodness I didn’t trouble Suzuki-san too much today!

And… at last I’m under Abe-san (guide) again. Haha. Don’t know why I felt like to laugh now. I have the sense that “my crying incident” already leaked to him. I don’t know who’s the “traitor” to leak it (I don’t think it’s Kawasaki, though he’s working under Abe-san ALL the time) but now we’re back to what we should be. I never hold my anger/sadness/disappointment too long, never to turn it to hatred. That’s all! All flew away with the time… I hope so 🙂

And ohhhhh! I only asked Daddy if I could use his name to be my reference for the upcoming Job Fair & Open Interview and he offered by himself to lend his 印鑑 (signature) and when I hinted about the support letter, he wrote it right away! Oh no Daddy! I troubled you AGAIN m(_ _)m


[to my Ec – coz she will be asking about her Harabuji-to-be for sure, :P]

Your Harabuji looked a lil’ not in good health condition, obviously overworked *sighs* He even came to school like usual yesterday (his name on XRD Schedule Board proved it) though most of Japanese students came too. And yeah I overheard he said he fell asleep during lecture today. Whatta! T_____T He came a bit late than usual, but by the time I’m leaving he’s still there (no need to say – he must be staying until the day turned night – EVERYDAY). So Ec! Say this to him on behalf of me – Don’t work so hard until it ruin his health. He needs to know his LOVELIEST granddottie is ALWAYS worrying about him! 😛


2 thoughts on “We Are Family!

  1. arieszai says:

    my dear ev…. do you realize what you got there in Japan??? its just like a FAMILY (i assumed)
    u have BIG BRO…. and ehem3 to wink to 😛

    plus supportive DADDY!!~~ kyaaa!!~ i’m jealous!!~
    but then when i think about that fact again… they’re my great333 harabuji & my harabuji(s) to ne~~~ ekekekekekek!!~ (take back my jealousy)

    OMONA!!~ my dearest harabuji not feeling well??? 😦
    Fighting harabuji!!~ go on and take my halmoni away~~ hihihihi

  2. E.V says:

    don’t be jealous with me.
    they’re all your HARABUJIS, aren’t they? 😛

    yeah he seemed not feeling well on the day i posted this entry.
    but on the next day he already ok.
    doesn’t dare to worry his LOVELIEST granddottie huh? 😛
    take me away?
    to where? *rollin’ eyes*

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