Coz I had a BAD day…

May 1st

I saw Big Bro on my way to school! But since he’s walking and I’m cycling, so I think I should just go on first and just greet him after we arrived later 🙂 Somehow I was smiling alone! Big Bro‘s back! He wasn’t back to Osaka yet huh? Just on leave for some conference 🙂 *yay!!*

I feel happy for his back, but I can feel that something wrong with me. It’s like I didn’t understand what Suzuki-san taught me yesterday – the accurate way to place the powder on the sample holder before it could be diffracted by X-Ray.  I took an hour just to arrange the placement! How could!

Ok. So now I can handle the XRD machine by myself…. I thought so but somehow the machine kept buzzing the alarm sound. O my! Have I did sth wrong? So I have to call Abe-san for help! O yeah… he’s always being the BIG help! 🙂

And then…. the problemAGAIN. I estimated the time to use the XRD machine is until 3 pm but it’s like even though I know my diffraction will be finished after 3, I still did it! So! What’s the problem? The problem is, I took the time of someone that will use the machine after me (happened to be a girl from the next lab). When I asked Big Bro, he quickly lead me to the lab to apologize to the girl. O my! Big Bro, it’s obviously MY mistake, why would you apologize it for me? m(_ _)m Luckily the girl won’t take much time for her sample, so it’ll be ok even if I already took 15 minutes of her time. I am really sorry m(_ _)m

Then I’m done with XRD. Phew~ Can’t believe I spent the whole day today JUST for XRD. And now for the very first I think about the data analysis for REAL. I flipped those sheets again & again, not knowing what am I supposed to do with them. I don’t know if I made it too obvious or it’s just Big Bro being REALLY CONCERNED about me, especially this recent. So he asked me if I need his help, before I could issue it first! O my! Big Bro, you read my mind? 😮

Again, no just explained and asked me to do what I have to do, he would bring me to the place and make sure he’s there, listening & eyeing the things being explained to me so he would re-explain if I don’t understand or forgotten! You see how concerned he is? Ok, he even keep his eye on me during I did the data analysis – o yeah my sixth sense never got it wrong (I’ve been seen by somebody), he really did seeing me all the way to make sure I got it right! Big Bro stop it please. I’ve already owed you BIG time, now what? You want me to owe you a LIFE? Please don’t!

And at the very end of the day, I’m going to take out my 3rd sintering samples out from reactor as the last thing I do for today. While I thought I’m moving the crucibles placed without their cover on the table but sheathed by tissue, I accidentally spilled their contents! I was panicked! And then I found out they’re Suzuki-san‘s samples. O my goodness?! What have I done? I quickly apologized but I knew that apologies alone won’t do any. And to make me worse, when I asked him if he needs to re-do the samples, he simply said,

“No. You don’t have to blame yourself”

or specifically he said,

“No. You don’t have to feel responsibled for it”

Man! I wished he had raise his voice up high and scolded me for what I have done, the most terrible & careless mistake ever. Why won’t I spilled my own samples & redo them again? Why would I spilled others’? 😦 I felt terrible.

I heard Kawasaki & Satou laughing hard in the student room. I know their intention – to switch my attention or easy to say, to break my “gloomy” mode. But it doesn’t work! I’m sorry guys. You all too nice to me. But I need lessons to correct me. I really do. So that I won’t repeat it next time. I am really sorry. m(_ _)m


8 thoughts on “Coz I had a BAD day…

  1. omo…harmony had a bad day eh??
    so sowee to hear dat…
    but cheer up okie??^^
    mian…ur silly gdottie dunno wat to say to comfort u…mianhae…
    accidents happens… & yeah…its jaz a bad day… i wish it wont bother u for long… & i really wish u’ll hev happy days ahead^^
    love yah harmony^^

    • E.V says:

      thanks for dropping by sweetie!
      missed ya too much!
      it’s more than ok for me to see ya here.
      drop by often k?
      *to hear your halmoni’s blabbers, that’s it! :P*

  2. & yeah i forget… advance HAPPY MOTHER’s DaY to ur Mom^^

  3. arieszai says:

    huuu~~~ things like this cant be predicted…. it does happen all the time…

    thank god Suzuki’s not angry… fuhhhhhhh legaaaaaa….

    try to be careful next time… we do learn from accidents like this…

    • E.V says:

      uhm! an accident, or more accurate to be said as “careless mistake”. it’s indeed will be a great lesson to me. thanks ec.

  4. haniz says:

    just like in drama.the heroin accidentally dropped other’s sample,turned out to be the hero’s sample.but in twinnie’s case,it’s romantika2 in careful ye twinnie next time. but what had happened,just let it go. take it as a lesson to be more alert next time. kamon bebeh you can do it!!!! (bajet aku bagus sgt la.geh~~)

    • E.V says:

      yeah maybe i’ve been “out of place” for the whole Friday i guess. too much things on my mind and i still dare to pretend to be ok. gahh. i don’t wanna make it to be the reason for all. i know i can be better than this. thanks twinnie 🙂

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