May 2nd was…

♦ Our MISA’s Hanami Day

♦ My former roomate in Japanese preparation course under Look East Policy’s Wedding Day

Two big events (to me) were occured in TWO separated by thousands-miles-of-distance countries. The latter is something that beyond my reach now, even though I’m in the midst of holiday. O my. I just hope she and her husband will live happily ever after from now on. Can’t believe the one I spent my two years sharing the same room last 6 years is now married! O yeah. When it comes to this situation, there’s only one thing would float on my mind —-> I’m now already OLD *rofl* Yeah no jealousy, neither feel too excited, honestly I swear I don’t. Maybe because I never put a thought of myself to get married… yet? 😛 And I can’t deny I’m happy for her. Congratulations for like a thousand times to her 🙂

So! What’s all about the Hanami? This year we had it at Maruyama Park (円山公園), the place we have had our hanami last three years. I missed it. Again, it reminds me how time has flown away when I just realized the park I went for hanami today was the same one I went to last three years. Not much things changed, both of us. Neither the park nor me. Uh huh. What am I thinking now? Does it mean I have to stay here, grow old and see how things change? Ha ha. Definitely not!

Back to the story. We have guest with us today. He’s Japanese. And you know what! We have to pick him up at the Maruyama Park’s station. He wasn’t invited from the beginning, but coincidentally he wanted to meet my senior today. When he found out we’re having hanami, and asked if he would like to join it seemed he didn’t turn it down. So that’s the story begins.

Here are some photos for you guys! 😉

And the last but not least, here’s our guest for today. The guy second from left is Minami Takahiko 🙂


6 thoughts on “Implacable

  1. arieszai says:

    huuuuuuuuuuuuu~~~~~ halmoni didnt tell me!!!!!!!!~~~ *pura2 merajuk*

    kyaaa!!!~~ minami harabuji was added to my harabuji-to-be list… *kept a list recently* 😀

    he’s TALL!!~ hohohohohoho

  2. haniz says:

    wah wah many people. did u enjoy yourself twinnie? and that guy.. so tall………..guess japanese now has become taller and taller ne? the young generations. ^^ beautiful scenery there.hope to be there one day. n will ask twinnie to be my tourist guide no matter how busy she is. ahahahahahaaha~

    • E.V says:

      ahah. i didn’t enjoy the “hanami” or “sakura seeing” i guess. but i did enjoy spent some time with MISA – chatting, laughing & even cooked sth for them. we’re BBQing, though i didn’t up any pic of BBQ on here 😉

  3. sugoi!!!!!!!!!!!
    it wud be nice to hev a “date” & sakura watching!!!!!!!*giggles*
    heving bento under the tree….kyaaaaaaaaaa!!! w8 is ichigo in season in JP now?? if yes….sweetness!!!^^

    i wonder hu wud i wish to b wif…but hu da MAIN COUPLE is now im olso dead confused…w/c harabuji…or grandpa…granddad… do our harmony hev 4 her gdotties!!! *tongue out*

    missin’ teasing harmo so badly^^

    • E.V says:

      sweetie, we have bento + BBQ.
      so it’s super kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i guess 😛
      i guess ichigo isn’t yet, but soon.
      i DO have 4 granddotties.
      all very naughty but keep me “alive” everyday 🙂

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