Metropolitan Stories

Guys! You all know “Shibuya Crossing“? Where like hundreds of people crossing the very big junctions, like for 6 or maybe 8 directions at the same time? I’ve crossed that junction on my way back from Career Fair ’09 last Wednesday in the midst of rain. There were 3 of us, but we only have one umbrella! Whatta. Need not to say the three of us are all soaked and even the increasing temperature in Tokyo (supposed to be) with that number of people can’t never make us warm that evening.

Yeah it’s raining – the weather. And they’re COLD – the people. I am in Japan, facing Japanese everyday but those in there were like different Japanese from my place. They live in the middle of the city but they stare you foreigners down like you are the offenders. In the train, even the polite & mild Japanese lost their grace – pushing & pulling others. I’m not talking about the youths, but also the elders. I guess this is what we call “city life“. When you ask them for help or direction, they simply say they don’t know what are you talking about or don’t know where it is. I’m not asking the people, I’m asking the officer on the information counter and they’re not helping. What the heck the Information Center there is for?

We have very caring and friendly grannies here. If they found out you can speak Japanese fluently, you might be invited to their house for a meal even. Or later on, to be their adopted child. But there, they’re among those who cut the lines or even pushing you from the back when it’s time to get on the train. Am I visiting the different country now? This is what I feel there at that time.

I was caught in the “train traffic” yesterday at Higashi Kanagawa Station. I smelled something bad when the train door can’t be opened to us who’re riding the train to get off, for giving some time to those who’re waiting to get through the ticket gate. Can you imagine the loads of people there to cause that chaos? How many people it’d be then? Thousands?

I guess there’s nothing less than the number you have when you’re holding a concert were trapped in this incident “train traffic” at Higashi Kanagawa yesterday morning. Few trains were late (that is bizarrely happening in Japan) , few were not in service, few were even have problems with brakes and can’t stop at the right stop. O my goodness. I never expect this.

I was standing aside for an hour, among the thousands of people waiting for the line – to get through the ticket gates. All the electronic ticket gates in Higashi Kanagawa are not in service any longer. We were given the non-magnetic plain paper ticket for those who already holding the ticket and to those who have to transit to other stations. And when I was asked to have a walk to transit to Nakakido Station, the ticket gates there also NOT in service. There are only few police officers guiding the passengers to the right platforms.

When I finally arrived at Yokohama Station, loads of people started to push each other. Everyone’s being selfish to get through faster. The situation was totally out of control though they have like 10 to dozen police officers there to handle the transit passengers, including me. My temporary ticket wasn’t collected and I just passing through the gate with no inspection. O my! What’s really happening? These were my tickets by the way.

So. That’s the Metropolitan Stories. The chaos is probably because yesterday was the day back to work, after Golden Week (holiday). And I was coincidentally being there, on my way to Haneda Airport. So I was dragged along the chaotic situation there. Whew~

That’s all the story from Tokyo/Yokohama. The closing story for my trip to Tokyo/Yokohama for May 2009. See ya guys!


8 thoughts on “Metropolitan Stories

  1. haniz says:

    whoa that is quite a story.moral of the story;kene jadi ganas sikit and kene tau bile hari2 sibuk gile kat tokyo.pastu tak yah gune tren.hehe~ well twinnie, maybe it’s a sign for you to see how tokyo really looks like. ^^

    • E.V says:

      yeah… the only way to live in tokyo is train. no wonder that number of people trapped in that morning! aigooo. such an unforgettable experience for me!

  2. arieszai says:

    hohohohohoohho!!!~ sgt havoc!!!~
    suma pn nak cepat2… mesin pulak rosak… haishhhhh lagi2 la havoc…. 😦

    atau mungkin sebab rubi tak biasa ngan tempat tuh… kt hokkaido kureng sikit sesaknya… mungkin la kn ^^

    kumpul pengalaman bebanyak… hohohohoho kaya ngan pengalaman..
    apa tuh org tua ckp
    pengalaman mendewasakan kita… idak? 😀

    • E.V says:

      yeah. not used to something make you feel bad. and i am not really fond to city life. no need to say in JP, even MY! KL is among the city i HATE *sorry to say so* but yeah, why not to experience the havoc once in your life huh? might be useful once in the other time 😛

  3. xeraxiah says:

    halmoni! sy da tau ap msalah sy!
    sy tersalah masuk blog!haha^^
    no wonder I kept searching for your latest post but i couldn’t
    I enter you writing’s blog, right..?
    and wow..such a chaotic situation over there. Malaysians xla se agresif as Japanese in getting into train,i guess. hehe
    xrmai gak pon yg gna train or lrt, or monorail. sume pakat bwak keta.
    memg beza ar hokkaido ngan tokyo..? wauu..power of metropolitan city…

    • E.V says:

      i see2.
      don’t worry, i didn’t blame you either 🙂
      both of my blogs got same gravatar & theme.
      you must be confused.

      ahah yeah.
      in bigger city, public transport is the main transportation.
      unlike MY, we travel by public a lot in the middle of the cities, but we cycle or walk more in the area a lil bit far from the big cities.
      like me here in sapporo, i only use trains or buses for distanced places or in winter.
      otherwise, we prefer to cycle.

      FAR = more than 10 km.
      less than 10 km will considered NEAR.

  4. harmony…lookie hu’s here???

    its me…ur angel of a gdottie^^

    ehhhh its olso rainy now @ JP??? pls olwayz bring ur umbry okie?? *omo im nag harmony…i sound like my umma!!!* lol lol lol

    omo…dun let tos “rude hostile cold” ppol get into u.^^

    its great relieve to hear u came home safe & sound^^

    • E.V says:

      i can’t use umbrella coz i’m riding on bike.
      it’s too dangerous coz the strong wind isn’t just blow the umbrella away.. also break it away!
      i need raincoat huh? *i always have it with me dun worry 🙂 *

      thanks for visiting your grandma here.
      hope u’re all fine there too.

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