You started it, I ended it.

Ahhh… kinda addicted to write a blog in Japanese, but longed to write in English! 😛

I had my first presentation, the biggest presentation ever for me since I have to present alone in front of Prof. (Daddy) and the other 7 students under his supervise today.

I planned to start doing the material – we are required to prepare the prints to be distributed to all members – since the end of last month, but I delayed everything ever since I’m back from Career Fair 😦

And I never expected this presentation we called 検討会 (kentou-kai) will be exactly the same as our 雑誌会 (zasshi-kai) [where we present other’s journal  that we think related to our research field] – we will be asked here & there about our own research!

No need to say about being asked by Prof, but to stand in front of people alone would make my whole body shaking.

I hate presentations, I hate all the stuffs related to “appeal yourself” in front of people.

But I have no choice.

This is a training to face & deal with people. If I can’t stand & face my lab members which I met everyday, talked to everyday, how could I face people out there?

I tried my best within the limited time.

There’s only a day before the presentation but I haven’t had my materials done yet.

I did my research on as many articles I can, trying to fit in their concept and application to my own research, but I’ve lost in the middle.

Yesterday when I got back home at 5.30, I took some light meal and went to sleep for 4 hours and forced myself to wake up at 10 just to finish the materials.

I managed to have all the things done at around 4 am and never went back to sleep after that.

So my head is like spinning at 2000 rpm now, more than a centrifuge could spin!

We started our kentou-kai at 1.30 afternoon and ended exactly at 5.00 pm.

Our first presentator was Tomo-chan.

He did come late and even skipped his 2nd period lecture.

Reason? – Overslept.

Huhu. Now you really should stop staying at lab until late at night, you really have to! I never heard you overslept before, except you’re not feeling well.

I sensed that he was rushing – from the material making until his presentation.

Indeed his presentation is a little hard to understand but being first presentator is always TOUGH.

Prof. is too “energetic” to pay attention at every single thing you say, at every single thing you wrote on your material.

It was his “JOB” to find out the imperfection in your work, it’s always like that.

So poor my Tomo-chan, being commented since beginning and always paused in the middle! よく頑張ったよでも、友ちゃん!:)

I asked Mitchie to let me be the last presentator, coz I really don’t have the courage to present.

Seeing my material, compared it to the others’, I have no chance to be praised.

But instead Daddy said it was a good start for me. I was shocked!

I didn’t write much, and I bit my tongue a lot during presentation.

And I felt like the things I wrote were all nonsense and non-related to my research.

But yeah, I feel relieved.

Not because I received good comments, but because the biggest disaster in my mind is now flown away.

Tomo-chan started it for today and I’ll ended it.

p/s : I feel terribly sorry for him. I wanted to say to him personally he did well, but just Daddy wanted him to be better so the manly way to do it, always goes by harsh words. Daddy didn’t mean those words Tomo-chan, he just wanted you to be better. That’s mean he’s hoping more from you. I know you can 😉 頑張ってね、友ちゃん!


9 thoughts on “You started it, I ended it.

  1. Phebs says:

    Wow! How long have it been since I visited Rubi’s blog? >_<

    The layout changed and it looks wonderful! I love the design. 😀

    Anyway, back to this… I am glad your presentation went well. I feel being the last is a risky choice actually. I remember my teacher saying that being the first and the last to present is really tough – first because you are the one to set the benchmark so you can't possibly set low, or it will mean you aren't really giving your best; last because you already seen how all the other presenter did and knows any mistake to avoid so you have to be doing the best.

    Either way, having to present well in front of people isn't easy. You need to present well with enough facts and stuff to support what you are saying and yet have to grab the attention of your audiences. So *claps* Good job! 😀

    Hwaiting for everything you will face up next! I am starting school on monday. Feels so fast these 3 months of break end. Still, I will try to force myself to comment as much as I can again. XD Cuz this might be the place I will know about what rubi is doing when I am not around. 😀

    • E.V says:

      ahah. okaeri pheb 🙂

      haha. the layout named “chaotic soul” by the way. i arbitrarily picked this because it’s black but now i realized the theme itself meant sth else to me 😛

      thanks *blushed* good job for the first, but later on it’d be tough. since everyone would excpect more & the better ones from me *worries*

      yes i will try to do my best. good luck to you and happy back to school pheb. don’t force yourself. you’ll be busy with your school stuffs and i won’t be sulking at you if you haven’t see me here 😉

      looking for your new entry as well 😉

  2. arieszai says:

    hohohohohoho!!!~ ev dah present!!!!!~ kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    cana33333… ilang dak ketaq lutut suma??? *wink333*

    biasa la.. tuh mmg reja prof2 kn? hihihihi

    dah buat terbaik kn? gambarou ev!!~

    • E.V says:

      no matter how many times i present, i’d still have that excessive adrenaline pours in my bloodstream, that’s me i guess. 😦
      but yeah, all i can say is, i’m trying to do the better one later.
      later in the soonest = June 19th
      *time flew so fast*

  3. ZaliZabrina says:

    I’ve been presenting my sekkei work since year 2..
    It was a bit loose at first, but I became used to it. In fact, if I remember it correctly, I did my first presentation without any speech notes. Just presentation board. It was mecha kucha, but you know, without notes, you can definitely do better! You won’t think much, you’ll just say things on the boards. If you bring complete speech notes, you’ll become independant and start reading, not presenting..hehe but I do think, a rough notes is also OK.
    We definitely need a lot of that to stand in front of people and talk in Japs, huh?
    Good job dear!

    • E.V says:

      yeah exactly i’m reading. i wrote a lot of notes or things i wanna mention on my own copy (coz we’re not presenting using slide on the projector yet just distributing the printed materials to everyone). it’s just because it was my FIRST HUGE presentation (i DID present few times before but they aren’t huge presentation like this) and i’d be simply distracted and lost in the middle whenever sensei interrupt (with questions). i could never imagine if i was asked and commented badly like what Tomo-chan was done at that time. probably i lost everything i wanna say though everything was on the paper and ended up silent until i was asked to go back to my seat! oh my goodness thanks a lot it was all smooth rather than what i thought *phew*

      i don’t know how it goes with your sekkei presentation. you must be asked too on why it becomes like this? why it went to be like that? what’s the base you come to that conclusion and so on are normal questions to us. sometimes these questions came out at really unexpected places where you’re unprepared with the answers. that’s horrible! it’s ok if Prof. ended up saying sth like “Go and study more on that and tell me later” but i normally hear things like “All this simple & basic things you don’t know? What’ve been you doing all these while?” and if you speak out even a “i’m sorry” then prof would simply reply you with harsher one, “you just know to answer me, not even know to realize it in real”. oh my. i shouldn’t write all these here, but i think in some way i should, for it may be our lessons altogether.

      good luck to all of us!

  4. ZaliZabrina says:

    I wished to say dependent, not independent! hehe

  5. ZaliZabrina says:

    wow! kibishii na..
    watashimo kokoro junbi shinakuccha! 😦

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