Softball Match : IOS Lab vs Organometallic Lab

May 25th

Phew!~ We have a softball match today at 12~1 noon. You guys must imagined it would be damn hot & sweaty to play this game at around this time. But instead I’m shivering in the strong wind with very mild sunshine with temperature as low as 11~14 degree celcius.

The game was played in the very small field, considered the number of players and the experiences of players – almost all are amateurs and playing only for fun. But yeah, as what Tomo-chan already said last month, two or three players from opponent’s are experienced and rumored to ever have been representative for some huge tournament or such. There’s no way for us to WIN. We lack of players in both number & experience.

They threw the ball like bullet, and there’ few times the ball was off field, or even thrown into the bush and our boys have to search for it. Can you imagine how hard they throw the ball? Oh it scared me. I never play softball with GUYS. So I decided to be a spectator. I didn’t cheer neither nor call out our members’ names to support, just standing alone, quietly. Bad me! What am I coming here for?

Very few chances to hit the ball, and even if some of us made way to run from one base to another, another member will ruin the previous’. Hu~~~ I’m really really really sorry guys. I really am… I apologized to Tomo-chan (since he’s the ONLY one who asked me to join, at least to be there in the field) but he replied me with laughs and said it doesn’t mean nothing – my presence symbolized to support them m(_ _)m

Oh yeah since he’s the ONE being very energetic and played with full heart. But softball isn’t about one player, it’s about teamwork. I realized it. So we’re lacking one more point here. Well. I guess everyone’s playing for fun. No medal nor prize for it. Just to give the chance to us to relax our mind from the tiring lab works and giving some chance to know others from other labs. That’s all. Otsukaresama IOS Lab! Otsukare, Tomo-chan 🙂



4 thoughts on “Softball Match : IOS Lab vs Organometallic Lab

  1. arieszai says:

    [quote]” Bad me! What am I coming here for?”

    –> i know the answer!!~ to see my cutest + dearest + loveliest HARABUJI!!!~~ heh! gotcha! lalalalala

    • E.V says:

      hahahaahahaha. it’s not i want to see him. but it’s more like he WANTS TO BE SEEN by ME! 😛 no one’s welcoming me to the field as the supporter, he’s the only one 😛

  2. yuuras says:

    hehehe…match? buh la gmbr2 ny klu ade…hu2

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