The busiest month on its way!

June, will be my busiest month for 2009, so far. Let’s see what made it becomes the PEAK for me.

June 4th to June 7th : 北大際 University Festival (I’m incharge in stall’s decoration & also have to be at our stall during weekend)

June 5th : 就職活動 Job hunting (ショーワグローブ株式会社@札幌 Showa Glove Corporation @ Sapporo)

June 10th : 研究室たちとジン・パ Genghis Khan Party with lab members

June 16th & June 17th : 就職活動 Job Hunting (ミヤオカンパニーリミテド@三重 Miyao Company Limited @ Mie)

June 19th : 第2回検討会 Second Kentou-kai (Presentation)

Why must they pack all the things in this month??? Huu~~~~ ganbare E.V. Good luck to me!


7 thoughts on “The busiest month on its way!

  1. yuuras says:

    huh…sungguh pack activities halmoni bln ni ye…btw, ganbatte!!! hwaiting!!!

  2. haniz says:

    rubi berusaha lah!!!!! XD

  3. arieszai says:

    haa!!~ jgn lupa tau!!~ tugasan KHAS nenek… tangkap gambaq TOKWAN ec tau!!!~ nanti ec tuntut@ ^^

    nak jumpak tokwan… yeah yeah yeah

    • E.V says:

      malangnya tokwan ec MIA selama 4 hari.
      xdpt la nek nk tolong snap gambaq dia 😛
      len2 kali la na?

  4. aethia321 says:

    Omo! So packed? No wonder I don’t see rubi on the whole day today. Regretted not greeting you when I saw you online on friday. >_<

    Hwaiting for all of them, rubi! Ganbare~!

    I updated an entry to my blog. *like I promised* Drop by when you have the time. 🙂

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