S.E.M & Mr. K.T

Uh oh! Someone showed some curiosity to know my blog today! O my Goodness! I usually hyped when people wanna know me from by blogs, but not to this “someone”! 😛

I was scheduled to use S.E.M (scanning electron microscope) for the previously made samples’ analysis/evaluation. This gonna the first time. I used it once during our student’s experiment like 2~3 years ago, but at that time we didn’t do it fully by ourselves. T.A will do it for us like 75% of the processses. And now when we’re already in final year research, we HAVE to handle the apparatus ALL by OURSELVES! *phew*

At 1400, I started doing the preparation. The preparation ALONE is troublesome. And then at around 1500, we started the observation. There are majorly 3 types of microscopes (not the one you guys use to see microorganisms during junior high school/secondary school!) which ARE ALL NEWLY BOUGHT. That made me scared a little more coz I’d have the possibility to damage them all! With the cost around 30,000,000 yen for a microscope, that means NO MISTAKES are forgiven to be done here!

So. For the beginner like me, someone experienced & totally capable like Abe-san is needed. No just to be a guide, but full observer & 80% of the works are done by him. I observed 6 samples today, which took FOUR HOURS! This is ABSOLUTELY WAY HARDER THAN X-RAY DIFFRACTION!

And oohhhh. Mr. K.T made himself presence in the room too. Since he’s using different microscope, so it’s not impossible to be there too at the same time. I don’t know if that’s the coincidence for him today, or the usual thing he always do. But to be just three of us there was kinda interesting.

Mr. K.T would asked me a lil bit more personal things when Abe-san disappears for cigarette/tea break. I realized I was a little “stiff” at first when it’s just me & Abe-san there. But then after Mr. K.T presents there, we went like three friends chatting freely, while we keep on working on our stuffs!

We talked A LOT. A lot of things. But one BIG thing is, Mr. K.T suddenly asked me on my blog. He asked where did I write my blog… is it on Japanese site, or others? Don’t you guys think what I think? I did mention about my blog to him on our last Friday’s Genghis Khan Party, so I bet he still memorized the fact very well.

So I asked him back, “Does it mean, you’re kinda curious now?” and he answered “Errr… yeah. Kind of…. Wonder if you wrote about our lab” Ahahahaha. O my! Does he read minds? Or did he read MY mine ONLY? That’s gonna be a BIG trouble to me!!! 😛

I don’t wanna lie, but of course at the same time I can’t tell him all the things. So I admitted I wrote about our lab, but I never wrote the BAD things. Am I right, guys? I NEVER said ANY SINGLE BAD THING about our lab. Just I’m afraid he found out the OTHER MORE SHOCKING thing I wrote on my blog here 😛

I told him this domain too (wordpress). But I bet he never knows my nickname here. So my secrets still… SAFE. And I also joked that I will delete this blog before he finds it out! 😛

Haha. Ok. That’s all for today, the TIRING but FUNNY day. See ya guys! 😉



One thought on “S.E.M & Mr. K.T

  1. ZaliZabrina says:

    patutla tukar tajuk blog kanzenni xde nama ruby ekk..haha..
    xpe..dier x phm english kot..tp kalo phm yabai gak kan?haha
    kene tukar malay la pasni, hik3

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