Comin’ Up Next

July 2009

July 15th : 雑誌会 Journal Presentation

July 17th : 第三回検討会 = 中間報告会 3rd Progress Report = Midterm Progress/Analysis Report (Presentation)

July 27th : 個体化学期末試験 Solid Chemistry Final Exam


I know it’s not that much on the list compared to what I’ve wrote (see list in few previous entries) for this month. But this gotta be my first time I’m presenting journal which the possibility that I will have the Midterm Progress Report IN THE SAME WEEK is too HIGH. That means, I have TWO presentations in a week!

O my! That’s HELL. And this time our Progress Report will be attended by ALL lab members, no just to those under Prof., but with those under Associate Prof. too. I haven’t looking for any journals yet…. sounds like I’m already in trouble, looking back the history of my previous presentations!

Guys! Wish me luck. Wish me good health & high enthusiasm to keep on doing my best! Till then! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Comin’ Up Next

  1. kak salmah says:

    Good luck. Ganbatte kudasai. Ma’at taufik wan najah.

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