Power Point 2007 Mania



Take a look at the above… hmmm what should I call this eh *thinking*… poem? 😛 Written & put on slide by me. Yeah it’s a slide (Power Point slide) actually but I printed it on Paint and saved it as BMP image. Plain & simple, clean with no accesories at all! 😛

O look! What am I doing now? Wasn’t I supposed to finish my slides for Midterm Progress Report Presentation this Friday? Damn it! This is me! Easily got high and addicted to anything related to ART. Can’t deny it anymore. Even someone claimed I have the sense on it ALREADY *you know who you are dear 😛 *

To those who can’t read Japanese, this poem entitled “You & Me”. I wrote the rough translation on it below. Check it out if you have some time 😉



When I look at you, it’s like I’m looking at myself in the mirror.

Are you the mirror, or are you my image?

No matter which, you are not me.

But we are alike.

When I showed smiling faces, you’re too smiling, when I showed troubled faces, you’re too in troubled state.

When I tried to run away from you, you’re chasing after me.

I threw my sight away thinking that I could run away from you.

But it’s all the pretend not to look at you.

Because you’re acting exactly like what I did.

To run away from someone, to be chased after by someone, eventually return to the original place.

We spend a day with the same routine everyday.

Did you realize it?

What I’ve mentioned?

Or perhaps, you’ve realized it since long time ago?


4 thoughts on “Power Point 2007 Mania

  1. ZaliZabrina says:

    uwah2..sudah tukar rupa blog dier ye..ada hobi baru plak ek?hik2..
    dlm sungguh poem ruby nih..adakah ada kaitan dgn mr ehem2??hehe
    kokucchaeba~~ mondai kaiketsu ni naru kamo yo!! 😛
    nanka, bole bayang kalo ruby kawen dgn nihonjin…kitto kawaii yo~~

    p/s: sori la lama x menjenguk..prasan ruby tulis entri baru, tp naka2 miru ki ga nai..hehe..jgn mara ar~~

    • E.V says:

      haha. “mondai kaiketsu” huh? no guarantee for that, dear. we’re already runaway from each other now (though i’m unsure what’s the reason on his side). maybe he’d think i’m kinda not get along with him well, hate him or sth but i never know why he “runaway” from me instead. or it might be just me who think it that way. nahhh forget it for now. gotta finish the tons of work still left on my shoulders first.

      p/s : i’ll tell you when i’m brave enough to tell him the truth (for he might have guessed or predicted sth wrong with me when he’s around?) 😛

  2. arieszai says:

    kyaaaaaaa!!~ inikah poem yg di khabarkan ritu??? ^^
    wah~~~~~ trans dia pn mendalam… tambah2 la maksud asai kn?

    ec pn lama tak masuk WP nih~ tokle nak on9 kn? tambah kena OT lg tuh… minimum kena 3 jam OT, kalo dak tokle claim tau! huuu~~~ *buat muka kesian*

    • E.V says:

      miss phlegmatic rite? 😛
      loves to write, expresses herself better via writing 😛

      below 3 hours not considered OT coz we normally consider within 3 hours extension is the “willingly wants to work time” ^^

      good luck ec!
      don’t lose to your grandma here! 😛
      opppps your granddad too!
      oh well, he stayed late not to do work sometimes, but just don’t wanna go back home… not considered workaholic enough huh? 😛

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