between real & myth

between real & myth

Uh huh. What’s up with E.V? Someone asked. O well. Am in flirting mode 😛 Since somebody that used to kill my dull days already left. Alone & lonesome never bothered me before but somehow they do this time. Gahhh. That’s killing me!

So before I got killed in this boredom, I better kill my time with something. What did I do all these days after back here in Japan? Don’t know what gets me back into the mood to watch Japanese dramas. I was so bored last week when I was in my homecountry – got nothing to do rather than to dig out the old drama collections I have saved on my hard disc. O yeah I got this one. The best drama I’ve ever seen… among the best, should I say. The ‘Nobuta wo Produce’. Yeah I know I watched the whole episodes for more than 10 times, ALREADY. And that’s the reason which drove me back to watch JDorama.

Don’t know why I’d easily immersed into the story if it’s Japanese drama. As if I’m acting in. No matter how ridiculous the idea created by the director/producer, no matter how unrealistic it could be but still… there must be at least one moral that awaits to be picked up in it *over exaggerating huh?*

So what I’m watching now? For now there are two. The ‘Buzzer Beat’ *I know almost everyone watching this now* and also the ‘Koishite Akuma ~ Vampire Boy ~’. The earlier with so REALISTIC life-drama & the scripts that NO IMAGINARY to be in our daily lives and the latter, which is BETWEEN THE REAL & THE MYTH – the Fantasy & Romance mixed up drama. Wonder why I suddenly get myself watching this drama…. *eyes rolling* 😛 Still in ‘vampire fever’ huh? Ha ha.

Ok ok. I actually got nothing to say, but my hands & fingers insisted to share this tune with ya guys. Click on the ‘The Vampire Boy’ picture to know what tune it is. I’m tuning to it non-stop now. Even when I’m typing this entry out. The sad, the lonesome, the soothing, the losing yourself to somewhere that you can’t even tell feeling *I know it sounds complicated, but I do feel it that way* …. everything mixed in. Hmmm… maybe that’s only me. Well. Give it a try if you want 😉


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