Related to Life & Death

Uh huh. Do I made it sound a lil’ bit too impressive this time by the entry title? Gahh. I felt my English went poorer these days, neither my Japanese hasn’t develop any better!

O well. I actually have thousand one stories to share but I don’t know where to start from. I’m back to lab, others too. I got works to do but I feel like I don’t. There’ people around me but I feel like I’m alone. I always got my mp3 on, those earphones always stuck in my both ears but I heard nothing. Am I near to death already?

It’s me but sometimes I feel like there’s different me in me. Hmm sounds complicated huh? Forget it then. Let’s play FAQ then.

How about me lately?

Fine, but not fine. Just recovered from fever last 2 weeks and now I got it again. My labmate teased me I got Influenza A …AGAIN. He sure went too far to joke on sth like that to me, his big sister!

How’s Sapporo lately?

In changing season. We’re in the end of Summer (supposed to) but I think we’ve  entered Autumn since the end of last month.

How’s my days?

In the boredom. If  before I could stay at lab until 10 pm even though I don’t really have experiments to do, now I can’t. As soon as I finished my stuffs, my home sweet home is floating on my mind! Not to mention if my stomach started growling or when my head started to spin (low-blood-pressure person never get rid of this, I guess?) , so my legs dragged me straight away to Prof.’s room, asking his permission to leave EARLY. Whatta hell’s happening with me? I don’t have the answer too.

How’s my final year research?

Fine. Prof. just gave me new tasks – to kill my time, ACTUALLY. Obviously I finished what I should, but since there’s a semester left, it’s a waste to just come to lab to write a thesis, RIGHT? I need WORKS! At least EXPERIMENTS. No matter the results, just the works. That’s it. I’m glad I have something to work on. I can’t stay at my desk, chatting with friends on YM for the whole day just to wait until 5 pm! Or surfing on YouTube for new clip videos. Or downloading new stuffs from site to site! I can do that at nights, weekends, at home! Not at lab. Thanks Daddy (prof.). You know me the best!

How many months left before my graduation?

Approximately 6. I hate the fact time fly away so fast now. I’m in the exact opposite from the past 5 years, if I remembered it correctly. When I’m sink in the middle of the nights, crying out loud alone in my room – that’s when I hoped time fly away as fast as it could. But now it’s different. Life’s a challenge. I need challenges to stay alive. Life’s need to be challenging. Agree with me?

Ok. There’s nothing more left to say, I guess. And I want to ask this to you guys. Share with me your opinions.

Is it a hint or just a coincidence if everyone that is in the same boat as you, encountered something that you still not know if it might happens to you, but since you are in the perfectly same situation with them, then the conclusion can be made is, you too going to encounter the same?



8 thoughts on “Related to Life & Death

  1. omona!!!!!!!! harmony got NEW BF????????!!!!!!!! *eyes wide open* ~mouth drops~
    i forgot eveting dat was written on my Wp!!! hahaha wat happened to labmate eh???

    omo omo…harmony got sick???!!!!!!!!! bad weder!!!! i guess east asia countries got da flu virus *coffs swine,h1n1 virus* a lil later dan SE Asia ne…

    harmony BORED???!!!!!!!!!!! oh no…missing home or missing BF??!!! *evil grin*

    harmony,so sowee hevt been able to visit ur WP & chat wif u, been bz wif skewl too, coz as u knoe its my last yr in hi-skewl…kindda toxic.

    so harmony gonna finish university by march?^^

    goodluck harmony^^
    btw, its olways sweet to read ur msges @ my WP^^

    hu’s harmony’s new BF eh???!!! y daz gdottie cant put her minf off harmo’s new Bf…wait he a JP boy?^^

    • hahahahahahhaa.
      never thought my sweetie would comment my lame & bored entry 🙂

      i’m not in a good condition, but it doesn’t mean i should stay in bed for the whole day.
      that’s tiring too 😦
      i was suspected for H1N1 as well, sweetie.
      but i got prventive med. from doc, already so dun worry 😉

      new BF eh? *evil laugh*
      u really buy it, weren’t u?
      kiddin’ sweetie!
      no matter how nice guys around me now, but that’s not the reason i fell to this guy *u know who*
      so i’m just playin’ around sayin’ so since i’m so lonely here now! 😛

      it’s ok.
      i understood everyone’s bz.
      just me that don’t have work (well actually i do) for now.

      p/s : psssst! if it’s for real i got new BF, it’s gonna be my labmate either. that’s not gonna work! puahahahahahahaaha.

  2. arieszai says:

    omona!!!~ when did nenek change her ava??? huhuhuhu proof that it’s been a LONG time since the last time i’ve been here huh???

    doing stuff’s to kill time… that phrase suits me as well… huhuhuhu… doing my tasks (actually not MY TASK, but OTHER people task since they ‘seems’ to be BUSY all the time)… go to sleep during breaks (probably bcause i’ve nothing more productive to do at that time), then go to M1 office (administration office), yes! to get my inspiration (ehem soichi chan ehem) and to see my friends there…

    2 people had left FUJI from our group… one apply for change in training place and the other one tell me that he’s BORED… not knowing what will happen after this… whether we will stay JOBLESS or JOBABLE (is there such word in the world?) whatever

    speaking of doing others their work, i end up doing task on my own (originally i have to do that task with ‘someone’ but then he’s taking his MC just for fun and ‘something’ bad happened to me right after ignoring him on MONDAY… it’s true that “what u’ll get back what u give others” and in the process i end up bringing bad luck to my other fellow friend… yes… we met an accident right after breaking our fasting…

    why do I usually met an accident with my friend??? why didnt just me??? at least my friend will not involve in the accident…. huhuhuhu

    i’ll write about that at my blog then… it’s been too long entry already… yes… long time no write.. huh?

    anyways.. good luck nenek with ur final yr project… there’s other way for you to chose… continuing ur master for example… hihihi… at least u and tokwan will stay at the same place… riiiiiite??? ekekekek

    jya ne? ^^

    *it seems that ur granddottie are replying this entry… hmmmm

    • huhuhu. poor you ec! it’s 3 days before Eid! rest well k?

      i see my ec’s been very busy lately. i can tell it when everyone’s goin’ bz i got nothing to do and don’t have to go to lab even.

      p/s : Daddy & Assoc. & seniors went out station for conferences leaving undergrads alone in the lab! so nobody can be depended on if we handle heavy machines & equipments. and if something unexpected occured, furthermore.

      i’ve been lazying since last week. doing nothing at lab seems not me, but yes it was. because i have nothing to do! aishhhh~ now i appreciate my hectic times! m(_ _)m

      furthering to master course…. our Yomo & Mitchi passed the entrance exam and I didn’t take the exam because I went back to Msia at that time. ‘Coz I originally gave up taking the exam this year, huh? so now, I’m prepared to leave after graduation…

      ‘prepared’ is a big lie!! i never wanted to leave Japan! to leave Sapporo! to leave Daddy & his “children”! to leave our Big Bros & lil bros! o my Goodness. I gotta ask them to prepare at least one box of facial tissue* per person on my final day of the lab, coz I swear you gotta see somebody crying the whole day!

      p/s : facial tissue, not kim wipe (wiper we use in lab) ok, k.t dear? 😛

  3. arieszai says:

    anybody mention k.t’s name here???? hahahahahaha

    well… i think leaving the LAST person mention above will be the hardest…. rite?

    never mind… u can always go back there or he come here… is that possible????

    i think that’s possible after seeing SOOO many japanese around me lately….
    some of them even eat like malay… i mean having rice in big plate with curry and so on

    while some didnt adapt to that culture and take noodle… yup ramen (not the instant one okie?)

    ramen + rice + bread some more….
    and they still look slimmy….
    p/s : how did they maintain themselves after taking sooo much food in a short period??? they must feel so hungry huh?

    • haha. we all wondering that too. coz Japanese guys eat like Malaysian guy do, but the differ is their size!

      our Msian boys will grow up twice horizontally after few months if they get proper meals in that period, while Jpese boys will maintain.

      i think they have quite high metabolisme. so no matter how much food they take, they’re all burned into calories, not kept as fat in the body. maybe… who knows huh?

      p/s : leaving k.t might be considered one of the reasonS. but we’re contacting each other… even now. maybe this is just the ‘practice’ before the real separation time came!

  4. teah says:

    halmoni….~! i miss u 2 death,..well i miss every1 hostel life is killing me slowly!

    i cried days n nite just to endure the pain..pain form the fact that i have to face friends dat killing me from the back.. oopps..i supposed not to tell u this here..since i couldn;t find u through YM..i bet u busy..

    but halmoni..

    i didn’t know how to comment related to ur post..i mean i missed manything or should i say everything??i know nothing..i barely got home and i i left out nothing..

    actually i juz want to say dat i miss u damn much~!

    • owh sweetheart i’m so sorry m(_ _)m
      i was really really tired and went to bed this evening until after the time for breaking the fast.
      i noticed your YM but i could do nothing coz u’re already signed out.
      oh i’m so sorry dear.
      well ur cousin turned up today.
      of coz she’s asking bout ya dear.
      and she insisted me to tell you to CHEER UP.
      i bet she wanna say, she’ll be forever by ur side of ur heart though she isn’t really there in real.
      what’s up dear?
      u may open up everything to me if u want.
      i’m in the holiday for five days.
      nah forget about holidays.
      you can email me, left offline messages, anything.
      ur halmoni’s here.

      see ya.
      take care.

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