December divas?!

Guys! I don’t know since when I’ve been so over-concern with my birth-month ; December that is. And realize it or not, all these my fave female singers ARE December borns too. Check ’em out.

Taylor Swift & Amy Lee (Evanescence) were born on December 13th *the closest to me*

Jordin Sparks was born on December 22nd

Dido is December 25th born

Hayley Williams (Paramore) is December 27th born

Dido was my evergreen fave singer since Here With Me era, while Sparks totally with me like a Tattoo since her debut and Swift, via Joe from JB 😉

Wow! Is it a coincidence?

p/s : My evergreen idol is Celine Dion (both in music and lifestyle, isn’t a December born) while Amy Lee is always like a resemblance of mine. Britney Spears was born on December 2nd but she isn’t really my fave singer *sorry Brit*


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