The Ivy

evearl (pronounced as “evil”) or her nickname, E.V is the author of this electronic diary. she writes about herself, her surrounding, her people, her daily lives, her loved ones, her days & her memories.

she chose “the ivy” as to relate herself which is now trying to climb up those mountain of obstacles in order to reach her “high road”. a music & art lover, lives as a normal girl in her rhythmic world.

loves to challenge herself in every new single thing apart from LOVE. she’s strong enough to find her way back even when lost in the chaotic life. she can even find her strength back after drowned in her own tears. she can survive no matter where she’s threwn away. but now she’s lost, drowned & threwn into this what we call L-O-V-E.

is there any way for her to survive this time?


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