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who are you to talk about LIFE?

Life is HARD
Life is SHORT
Life is RICH

Before I move on further,  let’s see the description below on what am gonna talkin’ about.

Movie Title : Precious (based on the novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire)

Genre : Drama, Adaptation & Teens

Director : Lee Daniels

Producers : Oprah Winfrey & Tyler Perry

Release Date : November 6th, 2009 (limited)

MPAA Rating : R for child abuse including sexual assault and pervasive language.

Casts : Mo’Nique , Paula Patton, Mariah Carey, Gabourey Sidibe, Sherri Shepherd

Synopsis : Clareece “Precious” Jones is an overweight, illiterate African-American teen in Harlem. Just as she’s about to give birth to her second child, Jones is accepted into an alternative school where a teacher helps her find a new path in her life.

Wow! It’s gonna be the very FIRST R rated movie I felt like to watch. Was it because our Grammy-winning diva (Mariah Carey) is starring in? Or was it the trailer was really mastered and mixed to be really impressive? Check the trailer out HERE

Well I hope this movie gonna break my lifetime perception over R rated movie — NONSENSE series of moving pictures, nothing to watch! And trust me, I do really feel it does changed my perception, for NOW. I’m waiting for this movie with full of anticipation. Anybody with me?

Original Source : Mariah Carey finds freedom being ‘imperfect’


December divas?!

Guys! I don’t know since when I’ve been so over-concern with my birth-month ; December that is. And realize it or not, all these my fave female singers ARE December borns too. Check ’em out.

Taylor Swift & Amy Lee (Evanescence) were born on December 13th *the closest to me*

Jordin Sparks was born on December 22nd

Dido is December 25th born

Hayley Williams (Paramore) is December 27th born

Dido was my evergreen fave singer since Here With Me era, while Sparks totally with me like a Tattoo since her debut and Swift, via Joe from JB 😉

Wow! Is it a coincidence?

p/s : My evergreen idol is Celine Dion (both in music and lifestyle, isn’t a December born) while Amy Lee is always like a resemblance of mine. Britney Spears was born on December 2nd but she isn’t really my fave singer *sorry Brit*


Acrophobia is one of the most common phobias and is an extreme fear of heights, which can induce feelings of panic, panic attacks, nausea and dizziness if a person is exposed to heights. Acrophobia should not be confused with agoraphobia, the fear of the outdoors or open spaces, which contributes to many people feeling they can’t leave their homes. Both are serious conditions, and both common. Of the two, acrophobia is more common, and is possibly an inborn trait in some people.

What constitutes heights can vary for each person with this fear. For some, fear of heights only manifests when a person is in a particularly high place, like a building of several stories or on top of a cliff that overlooks a sheer drop. For others, walking up a flight of stairs or climbing a ladder is enough to induce panic and distress. The fear can easily curtail everyday activities, especially when it is extremely pronounced. Like the agoraphobic person, a person with acrophobia may not want to leave his/her home because he/she may encounter unknown experiences with panic inducing heights of various levels.

Many people may feel mildly uncomfortable when in high places, and this experience is not limited to humans. Other mammals show discomfort if they reach certain heights too. Usually, the term acrophobia is used only when the person or animal can be said to be extremely uncomfortable, and does go into a panic state when confronted with being in a high place. Main theories used to explain this phenomenon suggest that like all phobias, the fear became uncontrollable after a traumatic incident in early childhood.

Since other animals have been shown to exhibit some signs of fear of heights, researchers are now positing that the fear may have to do with the way our internal sense of balance works. The person with acrophobia may not be able to rely on natural sense of balance and continues to rely on what they see as high place. The feeling of being unbalanced can lead to panic, nausea, and vertigo or dizziness in some cases, because it pulls against the natural tendency for the body to remain balanced.

This would suggest that people might be able to overcome the fear by shutting their eyes and relying on natural balance to stabilize themselves. Usually though, acrophobics have so many incidences of this feeling, that this may not be enough alone, since the fear of heights may be associated with mental trauma. Though the fear itself might not be irrational from a physical perspective, repeated instances of emotional trauma associated with heights create irrational fear.

Like most phobias, acrophobia is treated with a variety of therapies, most commonly exposure therapy. Under the guidance of professionals, the person is guided through staged experiences of height, often first starting with virtual reality views of high places. This can help to gradually desensitize the individual to the experience of being in high places. Sometimes, medication like tranquilizers or antidepressants are useful in the early stages of treatment, but when the person is able to recover, they may not be needed in the long term. Further, there’s some suggestion given the internal balance theory that psychiatric medication would do more harm than good, since many of these medicines affect balance.

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Related to Life & Death

Uh huh. Do I made it sound a lil’ bit too impressive this time by the entry title? Gahh. I felt my English went poorer these days, neither my Japanese hasn’t develop any better!

O well. I actually have thousand one stories to share but I don’t know where to start from. I’m back to lab, others too. I got works to do but I feel like I don’t. There’ people around me but I feel like I’m alone. I always got my mp3 on, those earphones always stuck in my both ears but I heard nothing. Am I near to death already?

It’s me but sometimes I feel like there’s different me in me. Hmm sounds complicated huh? Forget it then. Let’s play FAQ then.

How about me lately?

Fine, but not fine. Just recovered from fever last 2 weeks and now I got it again. My labmate teased me I got Influenza A …AGAIN. He sure went too far to joke on sth like that to me, his big sister!

How’s Sapporo lately?

In changing season. We’re in the end of Summer (supposed to) but I think we’ve  entered Autumn since the end of last month.

How’s my days?

In the boredom. If  before I could stay at lab until 10 pm even though I don’t really have experiments to do, now I can’t. As soon as I finished my stuffs, my home sweet home is floating on my mind! Not to mention if my stomach started growling or when my head started to spin (low-blood-pressure person never get rid of this, I guess?) , so my legs dragged me straight away to Prof.’s room, asking his permission to leave EARLY. Whatta hell’s happening with me? I don’t have the answer too.

How’s my final year research?

Fine. Prof. just gave me new tasks – to kill my time, ACTUALLY. Obviously I finished what I should, but since there’s a semester left, it’s a waste to just come to lab to write a thesis, RIGHT? I need WORKS! At least EXPERIMENTS. No matter the results, just the works. That’s it. I’m glad I have something to work on. I can’t stay at my desk, chatting with friends on YM for the whole day just to wait until 5 pm! Or surfing on YouTube for new clip videos. Or downloading new stuffs from site to site! I can do that at nights, weekends, at home! Not at lab. Thanks Daddy (prof.). You know me the best!

How many months left before my graduation?

Approximately 6. I hate the fact time fly away so fast now. I’m in the exact opposite from the past 5 years, if I remembered it correctly. When I’m sink in the middle of the nights, crying out loud alone in my room – that’s when I hoped time fly away as fast as it could. But now it’s different. Life’s a challenge. I need challenges to stay alive. Life’s need to be challenging. Agree with me?

Ok. There’s nothing more left to say, I guess. And I want to ask this to you guys. Share with me your opinions.

Is it a hint or just a coincidence if everyone that is in the same boat as you, encountered something that you still not know if it might happens to you, but since you are in the perfectly same situation with them, then the conclusion can be made is, you too going to encounter the same?


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between real & myth

between real & myth

Uh huh. What’s up with E.V? Someone asked. O well. Am in flirting mode 😛 Since somebody that used to kill my dull days already left. Alone & lonesome never bothered me before but somehow they do this time. Gahhh. That’s killing me!

So before I got killed in this boredom, I better kill my time with something. What did I do all these days after back here in Japan? Don’t know what gets me back into the mood to watch Japanese dramas. I was so bored last week when I was in my homecountry – got nothing to do rather than to dig out the old drama collections I have saved on my hard disc. O yeah I got this one. The best drama I’ve ever seen… among the best, should I say. The ‘Nobuta wo Produce’. Yeah I know I watched the whole episodes for more than 10 times, ALREADY. And that’s the reason which drove me back to watch JDorama.

Don’t know why I’d easily immersed into the story if it’s Japanese drama. As if I’m acting in. No matter how ridiculous the idea created by the director/producer, no matter how unrealistic it could be but still… there must be at least one moral that awaits to be picked up in it *over exaggerating huh?*

So what I’m watching now? For now there are two. The ‘Buzzer Beat’ *I know almost everyone watching this now* and also the ‘Koishite Akuma ~ Vampire Boy ~’. The earlier with so REALISTIC life-drama & the scripts that NO IMAGINARY to be in our daily lives and the latter, which is BETWEEN THE REAL & THE MYTH – the Fantasy & Romance mixed up drama. Wonder why I suddenly get myself watching this drama…. *eyes rolling* 😛 Still in ‘vampire fever’ huh? Ha ha.

Ok ok. I actually got nothing to say, but my hands & fingers insisted to share this tune with ya guys. Click on the ‘The Vampire Boy’ picture to know what tune it is. I’m tuning to it non-stop now. Even when I’m typing this entry out. The sad, the lonesome, the soothing, the losing yourself to somewhere that you can’t even tell feeling *I know it sounds complicated, but I do feel it that way* …. everything mixed in. Hmmm… maybe that’s only me. Well. Give it a try if you want 😉

Knock me down

Back here guys! OK. I got tons of stories to share, though it short – 2 weeks, but too much things happened. So before I wrote them, let you guys slip ya eyes thru this lyrics first. I was introduced to this song originally by my junior, our Mira Chunnie 😛 Yeah you’re TOTALLY right! *damn it!* The lyrics KNOCKED me down 😛 ….coz I’m too supposed to be in the same boat with Keri…. I guess? 😉



Songtitle : Knock You Down
Artist(s) : Keri Hilson feat. Kanye West, Ne-Yo
Songwriters : Marcella Araica, Kevin Cossom, Floyd Nathaniel Hills, Keri Hilson, Shaffer Smith, Kanye West
Album : In A Perfect World (2009)
Lyrics :

[K. Hilson]
Not again
Oh this ain’t supposed to happen to me

[K. West]
Keep rockin’ and keep knockin’
Whether you Louboutin it up or Reebok’n
You see the hate that they servin’ on a platter
So what we gonna have, dessert or disaster?

[K. Hilson]
I never thought I’d be in love like this
When I look at you my mind goes on a trip
Then you came in and knocked me on my face
Feels like I’m in a race but I’ve already won first place

I never thought I’d fall for you as hard as I did
You got me thinkin’ ’bout our life, a house and kids, yeah
Every morning I look at you and smile
’cause boy, you came around and you knocked me down
Knocked me down

Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down
Just get back up when it knocks you down, knocks you down
Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down
Just get back up when it knocks you down, knocks you down

I never thought I’d hear myself say
Y’all go ahead, I think I’m gonna kick it with my girl today
I used to be a commander in chief of my pimp ship flyin’ high
‘Til I met this pretty little missile, shot me out of the sky

Hate to know I’m crashin’, don’t know how it happened
But I know it feels so damn good
Said if I could go back and make it happen faster
Don’t you know I would baby, if I could

Miss independent to the fullest
The load never too much, she helpin’ me pull it
She shot the bullet that ended that life
I swear to you the pimp in me just died tonight, girl

Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down
Just get back up when it knocks you down, knocks you down
Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down
Just get back up when it knocks you down, knocks you down

[K. West]
Tell me now can you make it past your Caspers?
So we can finally fly off into NASA
You was always the cheerleader of my dreams
And seemed to only take the head of football teams

And I was the class clown that always kept you laughin’
We were never meant to be baby, we just happened
So please don’t mess up the trick
Hey young world I’m the new Slick Rick

They say I move too quick but we can’t let this moment pass us
Let the hour glass pass right into ashes
Let the wnd blow the ash right before my glasses
So I wrote this love letter right before my classes

How could a goddess ask someone that’s only average for advice
OMG you listen to that bitch? Whoa it’s me, baby, this is tragic
’cause we had it we was magic, I was flyin’, now I’m crashin’
This is bad, real bad Michael Jackson
Now I’m mad, real mad Joe Jackson
You should leave your boyfriend now, I’ma ask ’em

[K. Hilson]
Say you gotta take the good, the bad, happy and the sad
But when you bring a better future than I had in the past
’cause I don’t wanna make the same mistakes I did
I don’t wanna fall back on my face again

I’ll admit it, I was scared to answer love’s call
And if it hits better make it worth the first when it comes around

Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down
Just get back up when it knocks you down, knocks you down
Sometimes love comes around and it knocks you down
Just get back up when it knocks you down, knocks you down

[K. Hilson]
Won’t see it comin’ when it happens but when it happens
You’re gonna feel it let me tell you now
See when love comes it knocks you down
Won’t see it comin’ when it happens but when it happens
You’re gonna feel it let me tell you now
See when love comes it knocks you down, yeah


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